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Thread: Cannot use the live features in Fallout 3

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    Cannot use the live features in Fallout 3

    Since I purchased the disk edition of Fallout 3 game, about two years ago, the LIVE button not at all worked for me properly, every time I attempted to activate it, it will do zero at all. Even using the "home" key doesn’t work. I'm running it on Microsoft Windows 7 which a 64 bit and I tried some things are as follows:
    • I turned off the firewall setting
    • I directly connected the router to the modem
    • I even remove the game as well as GFWL and reinstalled together through the original installation DVD
    • A grouping of the above, using older by newest edition of the game or GFWL which is present

    So anyways, if you have anyone have the suggestion about so please let me know , Help will greatly highly appreciated.

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    Re: Cannot use the live features in Fallout 3

    I have attempted everything to access the live characteristic from inside the game. I purchased Fallout 3 in a retail store long time ago and not at all attempt that Live button before, had no use for it. Now I required a slight more from the game, so I also downloaded GFWL 3.0 edition. I considered to download a fallout3.exe file as well as to install it, but no. You have to do it through the game; I suppose that this is to oppose illegal copy of the game, fine. I did 3 steps to it work it out:
    1. I installed the Fallout 3 game.
    2. I install a Fallout 3.exe Patch of the newer version than the one which you are using.
    3. I then installed GFWL.

    This work out for me and try out this procedure properly I think your live gaming will enable from now.

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    Re: Cannot use the live features in Fallout 3

    There is no update trait in Fallout 3. There is a LIVE channel button and the downloads button. If it is grayed away so you are not logged in the game correctly or you do not meet LIVE/Game requirements. Manually patching the game is not permited by anyone with this service & particularly with Fallout 3. If you patch the game with the incorrect patch the LIVE guide rupture and you have to uninstall the game and again install to fix it.This is the method for installing GFWLgames.

    Install Fallout 3 to source drive let called (C:\) if you installing your game there. When Fallout 3 starts it will ultimately put you to the main menu. Then you require to download to your LIVE profile depending on if this is the initial time you have installed a GFWL game on the OS. At this point LIVE should forever fail if not you have installed this game on your computer before and LIVE knows which is your access key is. When LIVE unsuccessful for product key hit the try again button and it will prompt with data entry boxes. Update the patch live and enable at root folder After the update installer is ended start Fallout 3 again & you will be ready to play while connected to LIVE.

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    Re: Cannot use the live features in Fallout 3

    I'm starting to think that the problem is the EU French version because your installation seems to be of French version, which might be the cause of this problem. I make out that other people who have the US edition have the same issue but maybe their issue lies anywhere else. As I have merely played Fallout 3 the original edition .So try to purchase the GOTY edition. Yet again if it does not solve the issue it would kind of sense like wasting your money. I think might help you out.

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