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Thread: DLC is proving to be a money grabing content

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    DLC is proving to be a money grabing content

    I just want to say that i am just sick and tired of all the DLC releases on x box and play station's both are just expensive and demand a hefty amount from the user's who want the DLC of the game, they don't even provide the DLC but only give the unlock able content of the particular locked contents in the game they provide, these game manufacturer's like Sony, Microsoft are cheating on us.

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    Re: DLC is proving to be a money grabing content

    I totally agree with you these game manufacturer's are just striving on user's by falsely implicating them with the DLC, the link that claim is a DLC is just a key content that is needed so as to progress in the next level for which they charge us, if a user buys a game for a particular amount whose size is of 2 MB the user's thinks that they have got a full version of the game but that's not true with the X box and the play station they order a particular fee to unlock a particular code.

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    Re: DLC is proving to be a money grabing content

    DLC when launched at a very early stage was available in internet free of cost it was a special facility for the people who used to depend on the internet a lot and there was much demand for such DLC. Microsoft was the second comapny to introduce DLC and is the first to make it chargeable. DLC today has become a costly affair for the game lovers with the introduction of the play station cards and Microsoft points this has enabled the users to make a replacement of their credit cards.

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    Re: DLC is proving to be a money grabing content

    DLC is also available freely but on the expense of the user, it is made available where the user can download the missing contents from the particular gaming arena, but the problem is that the user's are exposed to several advertisements from several companies which comes as a hurdle to the game lovers. The company also believe that there is some amount of the benefits to the game manufacturers.

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