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Thread: Home server Atom or AMD?

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    Home server Atom or AMD?

    I was considering set up a home server based on Linux. The following requirements must be met:
    • SMB data grave -> Media Server, Backup, etc. Centralized mail management -> ext. Mail check, fetch, available internally (postfix)
    • Domain servers / management -> user accounts, home directories, LDAP
    • Gbit / s network connection
    • RAID-5 (SW raid also okay)
    • 24 / 7 operation -> low power consumption, space requirements and noise levels

    To the machine, two XP workstations and a Vista workstation hung. This may come Linux machines (notebooks), via DHCP. Now the big question of the hardware. 2GB RAM, 3x 1TB HDD (5400rpm), onboard graphics are clear. More important is the question on the CPU / board, in this case an AMD cluster or a nuclear cluster. Price they are somewhat on the same. What would you buy it and why? XEN is the nuclear-capable, or considers it totally in the knees? I would shut overclock an Athlon 64 1.6 GHz, and accordingly, unless the Board permits.

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    Re: Home server Atom or AMD?

    I do not think much of it from the atom is a pure 32bit CPU. While I can appreciate how much power does the difficult, but the 4450e, it should be quite able to handle well. Down bars you do not need running in idle at 1GHz (maybe less) with 0.9 v. Myself have only a 5050e installed and can only report very good.

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    Re: Home server Atom or AMD?

    The Atom is a 64-bit CPU! In my car in the atom are 330 with 4GB Ram and W7-x64. And in this if you see the advantage for it then in this Atom is very very cheap, can be upgraded but not because it is soldered to the board. For your purposes of the atom goes perfect if still digital satellite streams to be included, is scarce. So I know only these so I hope it will going to help you.

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    Re: Home server Atom or AMD?

    If you buy not one of the boards with Atom Chipset, electricity consumption will be approximately equal. If things do not necessarily speak for the Atom, I would reach for AMD. While the atom has a good Linux support, as it relies on the already aged 945, but with careful selection of the AMD chipset is not a problem. From the performance side, the atom cannot compete with a current AMD. Although needs a Mail Fileserver no great achievement, but virtualization should be an issue or to be better you have to get the AMD. For a once-patch combination later again replaced for performance reasons is an unnecessary amount of work. Then better yet, to the larger solution drool. However, you should be aware of you in solving that even such a small system pulls loose 40-50W idle. What does this mean on your electricity bill, I see on my NAS (similar hardware, with only a small Celeron). I am therefore of permanent long-distance runner FreeNAS to a small 3.5 "NAS from Buffalo moved with installed Debian. But requires some training, rewards but with a really low-power system. You may be prefabricated systems also something for you. They cost more, but may offer the piece of energy savings or comfort, that you want.

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    Re: Home server Atom or AMD?

    So the CPU power of the atom and AMD last. I would personally prefer AMD, as it has better upgrade can which for a nuclear system is not so. The atom and Xen I have no idea and got Xen never used. (I'm using VMware) Oh, and your raid maybe, it would be possible to block a Raid 1, you would have the advantage of the internal logic of the raid controller are not dependent. And in this When the controller abreact you can restore the raid with the same control, while the Raid 1 is only a simple mirror is made, it is SOMT Like from the raid controller independent, since this is the same for each controller Or do you use a software raid?

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    Re: Home server Atom or AMD?

    So I'm no longer a ECS board longer held in their hands, but pure quality which was once the sediment. Since AsRock was among the cheap brands even much better. I would invest in a cheap but maybe even gigabytes. Possibly with 690G chipset, with Nvidia so still has a reputation to support Linux better. I only have the experience, the 690G chipset on a Ubuntu 8.04 out of the box going smoothly. Also, I would take a Sempron LE 1150th ranging from completely, but is still more economical.

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