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Thread: COD: Black Ops Mouse Smoothing

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    COD: Black Ops Mouse Smoothing

    I am very much surprised as there is no other thread discussing about this issue except few couple of threads. Has anybody noticed the horrible mouse smoothing in the Call Of Duty: Black Ops? Is there anyway by which I can disable this mouse smoothing? Please help me to get rid of these as it has became very much annoying for me to use my mouse with this much smoothing.

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    Re: COD: Black Ops Mouse Smoothing

    I agree this as this mouse smooth is bit extra smooth which makes it hard to play this game with the ease. I mean to say even small mouse moving makes it moving so smooth that I have never used my mouse in such a way. Is there anybody who have decreased this mouse smoothing? I have searched about it a lot but have not found anything yet.

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    Re: COD: Black Ops Mouse Smoothing

    I guess if you are not able to disable the mouse smoothing from the game then I guess it would be helping you to decreasing the mouse sensitivity of your Windows system which ultimately makes your mouse smoothness weak while playing the game. This is just my guess as I have never played this game nor I have seen any mouse smoothness.

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    Re: COD: Black Ops Mouse Smoothing

    For decreasing the mouse sensitivity on the Windows operating system you need to go to the start button where you will be having the Control Panel, So double click on it. Here you must be a separate icon for the mouse which will let you change the settings for your mouse. Here you can change the settings for the mouse which also contains the sensitivity.

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