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Thread: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

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    New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    I just got a newer version of Crysis Warhead 64-bit for my Windows 7 operating system. I am a great fan of this game and had previously used 34-bit version of this game. The game has been developed in 2004 but still cannot run on Very High Max 16QxAA and 1920x1080 resolution and had to get more then 20fps.
    And also the below given are my system specifications:
    • Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Build 7600
    • Bloomfield Intel Core i7 920 2.7ghz quad core CPU
    • EVGA Nvidia GTX 295 GPU (896 MBx2)
    • Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard
    • 6 GB Corsair XMS 3 tri-channel 1333MHz RAM and overclocking has been done on it.
    • HAF 932 Central Processing Unit with about 6 fans.
    • Seagate 7200RPM Hard-drive with 32MB of Cache.

    How can I increase the rate of fps as I have tried many ways of doing it but all in vain.

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    Re: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    The Newer version of this game is all about the following given details:
    It is basically based on the fight as the volatile Sergeant Psycho Sykes in a new parallel story taking place during the events of Crysis. Also the Psycho in this game is a secret mission will take him to the other side of the island on a ruthless pursuit of a North Korean, and then the general hell-bent on obtaining powerful technology. And the newer version is with the versatile powers of his Nanosuit and an arsenal of fully customizable weapons and vehicles at his disposal, also the Sykes will do whatever it takes to carry out his top-secret objective. The action on the other side of the island is more intense, and aslo the battles are fierce, and the mission protocol is no longer Adapt to Survive. As Sergeant Sykes, now you must adapt to dominate the battle. Twin SMG’s blazing, seizing new vehicles, or going stealth, the action and the victory is on your terms. And also the Crysis Warhead is a standalone release and does not require ownership of Crysis to play the game.

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    Re: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    The first that you should try the things such as allowing the Crysis to make it's own settings, rather than going on playing around with its configuration files and Nvidia's control panel. And there is a 1920x1080 setting in the resolution list, in which you will find it a very difficult task to to see scroll bar on the right of the resolution and also the drop down to get to higher settings at the bottom. Crysis is a game which demands a lot of specification. And with motion blur on, the 30fps is looking perfect and is definitely playable then the 60fps that isn't needed on this game, and also can be used for the resolution manager of the game.

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    Re: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    And see the specification is that the DX10 in theory is rather considered easier to run than DX9, so it should run quicker. Most games will run with the same speed, and just look prettier with DX10, and so I wouldn't worry about that. Also Crysis uses DX10 on Very High, and DX9 on High use for this game. And although the new Windows 7 does contain DX11, also you need to have the OS, and the GPU and also the game that support it. Crysis doesn't support DX11, and nor goes your GPU so the best you'll be using is DX10, again don't worry too much about it.

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    Re: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    And also the best you can manage is with cross fired 1GB 4870's is 1920x1200 all on the one that you have specified to be very High with 4xAA, and although one or two outdoor scenes would be happier and at 2xAA for the second option. And now the P.S. Crysis was released in 2007 and was designed for the best-est rig that you are going to possible use and then to run it on Medium. And also running on High or Very High has been brilliant even now, and which is being able to hit AA as well is a sign of a brilliant rig. And according to the built specification that has been given by you is a nice one, enjoy it and don't worry if this game does not work for you.

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    Re: New Launch Of Crysis Warhead 64-bit For Windows 7

    And see to get the Patch checked and the patch should be of the Maximum Edition
    *First of all you got to download the latest patch for Crysis Warhead, and it should be of the version of v1.1.
    *See that the Maximum Edition of Warhead has been revised to,and the patch will be up to the revision
    *And also the Updating of the patch is not only recommended for the bug fixes, but also it is that because it provides 64-bit executable as well. see this for ex. D:\Games\CrysisWARHEAD\Bin64\Crysis.exe
    *Then install the patch, and then drag a 64-bit shortcut icon out from the executable file, and then again D:\Games\CrysisWARHEAD\Bin64\Crysis.exe
    *And after that you got to Launch it and then it should work properly.

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