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Thread: Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings

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    Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings

    I already heard about the complaint that the Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings but I just made my mind to think that this will not happen to me and I bought the game. Installed it to my computer and when I started to play the game then I found that there is three red rings on the screen. I am not able to understand that why this is happening with the game. Is it problem with the computer or with the game only? Please provide some suggestion on this so that it will be useful for me another users also who are baring the same problem with the game.

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    Re: Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings

    I don’t think that the Black Ops particularly causing the red rings on the screen. GPU has the capabilities for the graphics. This would be considered first in such cases. It can also cause the overheating of the hardware that may create such issues. There may be many possible reasons for that but the CPU is the hardware that gets hot and causes the issues like this. You should check for this over heating issue and can proceed to resolve the overheating accordingly. This will solve the ring issue automatically. I wish that this will help you.

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    Re: Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings

    I am ageing the above post that there are many possible reasons for the issue that you are facing. Just for confirmation, you should also check that the power cord and the power bar is hooked up correctly. I was getting some similar display issue because the power cord was loose and as I make that fit, it solves the problem and I never got that problem till now.

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    Re: Black Ops Causes 3 Red Rings

    This may be the problem with the display driver or the graphic driver. To fix this, you first have to uninstall the driver that is currently installed in your machine and then install that again. See whether it solves the problem for you or not? If you found that the problem persists then you can search for the latest driver on internet and if you found that the latest driver is available then you can download and install that. Many of the time in cases like this, I have seen that updating or reinstalling the driver solves the problem. May this will also solve the issue or you.

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