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Thread: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

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    Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    I have comprised and created my character then I realized I forgot to create my game face, so went online prepared a game face downloaded it and voila. It does not run, the game face basically does not load mechanically and I endeavor the entire the settings in virtual edit pro and tranquil nothing, so perhaps eliminating it would disentangle it. In addition went to the be a pro seasons and prepared my character there and started playing the seasons went reverse to the most important menu, and my persona is tranquil the one I prepared in the first place. I am getting extremely confused.

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    Re: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    I seem to be having the equivalent predicament and It's maddening me for the reason by means of the intention of I do not desire him in my career mode team. I do not be familiar by means of how to eliminate him additional than if you are having the identical difficulty as me I seem to have a explanation. In this you have to go to Virtual Pro after that to the Edit Virtual Pro. Revolutionize the club they play for to a team in the, "Rest of World" category. After that you start you Career Mode the entire in excess of again. This is helpful for the reason with the intention of the Rest of World teams are not in Career Mode and their players do not exist even in free agents so this runs. Then immediately switch the player back to your club in edit pro and it would not have an effect on your career mode additional than he determine to play for you in exhibition mode. You might in addition, when starting an innovative career select download most recent squads in the starting up procedure. I have not tried this additional than it might work.

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    Re: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    This is what occurs when you shift approximately a bugged game commencing one platform to an additional, without sufficient care regarding users. I have comprised and endeavor the whole thing to get a superior picture additional than I not be able to create an enhancement. So my virtual pro at present give the impression of being similar to an alien, and I desire to eliminate or reset so I be able to start in excess of by means of immediately a normal generated character for my virtual pro. I have eliminated the entire my files except my career mode file, and it's tranquil not reset or gone. Do I encompass to eliminated my career mode. How be able to I start my virtual pro in excess of. I wonder what might be going on. Here is what your account demonstrate, and consequently what you be supposed to generally observe: Others in this case have reported issues with network ports being blocked on their side. Could you probably to make sure with the intention of port 8096 is open and obtainable commencing your system.

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    Re: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    I am getting accurately the similar tribulations on my system. On my iphone although when presentation my player hub my game face is there additional than bald. In the game there a 2d image which give the impression of being similar to me in bottom corner of screen additional than my virtual pro give the impression of being nothing similar to me, bald defaulting character I am on this characteristic be supposed to not be in the game if it dose not work, its tranquil a BETA for god sake. You immediately endeavor recreating my game face by editing customary faces is there anyway I be able to eliminate the entire history of my gamerface and start the entire in excess of again. Essentially I was receiving this tribulations a year ago and gave up, not be able to consider EA tranquil have not sorted it out. Endeavor generating your Gameface the entire in excess of again and utilizing skintone. When completed, create certain to be appropriate the innovative generated face onto your avatar and save. It be supposed to assist the appearance in game.

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    Re: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    The first probable tribulations I encountered when installing the plug in was by means of the intention of the software requires 2GB RAM and I encompass 1GB, even though it ran the software additional than took 25mins and not 10mins to engender as recommended (the similar occureded the extremely first time I ran game face most recent year). BTW I am utilizing the most recent Firefox web browser and I in addition took innovative photos which were taken by means of a camera set at 5 Megapixels. On one occasion all in excess of again subsequent to generating the game face my PC gave me the identical black martian by means of red eyes and I applied/ saved it. I then logged onto my performer hub on the iphone, as I seemed to be getting the representation on there previous to. And low and behold my innovative game face was there I am guessing this tribulations is a display setting difficulty/ graphics card thing by means of my PC. Though this error is listed on the tribulations page which states; “Endeavor temporarily disabling several local firewall or port blocker. Make sure http port 8096 is facilitated if you be familiar by means of where to give the impression of being”. (I do not be familiar by means of how to do this so did not endeavor it).

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    Re: Deleting a Virtual Pro character in Fifa 11

    You be able to reset your gameface commencing your performer hub page on the website, utilizing the "reset" button. Observe additional information commencing the troubleshooting. You talk regarding it does not let you. What occur accurately. Yes I be able to add facial hair no tribulations. It's merely when I endeavor and add hair to my head. I have tried dissimilar styles and colours additional than it would not apply them to my bald head I might endeavor and reset it then and endeavor all in excess of again you might feta superior result this time the does not seem to be transferring to the game virtual pro. You necessitate an image sharing service such as Upload your representation there, then grab the connection at the bottom for discussion. It previously contain the [img] tag. With the intention of said, something is up by means of the face texture imported in game. The shape of your face is probable imported appropriately, on the other hand the details of your facial skin are lost. It approximately give the impression of being similar to the skin there is coming commencing the defaulting FIFA Virtual Pro character, additional than I might be wrong.

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