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Thread: Edit Virtual Pro in Fifa 11

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    Edit Virtual Pro in Fifa 11

    I have asked this question on many forums so i hope this forum could also provide my solution. I have recently made my Virtual Pro and then created the Game Face for it. But now i guess it should need some changes such as eyes or nose etc. I didn't found any solutions for editing it so i just deleted it to create the new one. But that does not seems to be deleting as well. Can anybody tell me that how can i edit the Virtual pro created by me.

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    Re: Edit Virtual Pro in Fifa 11

    I think it won't be showing you the changes which you have made on your virtual pro until you refresh your console. Actually this seems to be the problem with the server itself which is not able to make changes as soon as they have been placed. I suggest you to reboot your xbox and then try to check that the changes has taken place or not. If not then i don't think what could be the other solution.

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    Re: Edit Virtual Pro in Fifa 11

    For removing the Virtual Pro created by you, You have to delete the gameface file, I think it was an option in the FIFA 10 but i don't have any idea about the latest version whether there is a same option or not. Once you have removed the file then you have to reset the gaming console so that it can reset the changes made in the profiles or whatever changes you have made.

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    Re: Edit Virtual Pro in Fifa 11

    I guess deleting the game face could do it but you have to at least compromise with the statistics. In fact removing the Game Face has nothing to do with the Statistics but when you remove the game face which you have created and then reset your gaming console then it would be resetting all the content which also includes the stats as well so ultimately it gets refreshed.

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