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Thread: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

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    How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    I'm playing the sims 3 from a friend on loan but the problem is that I do not have the manual. Since no manuals are present therefore I ask you something if you know where to find the manual for such as pdf or as otherwise were would be. No, I unfortunately can not ask my friend because he himself don't know about it. So please can you members help me regarding this topic.? I am expecting some nice replies from your side. Any other information related to this video game would be appreciable. Also if possible please tell me about the creating your sim, the daily grind and secrets of Sunset Valley. I hope that those who are playing this game might have understood this.!!

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    Custom Content & Mods for The Sims 3 are mostly in the form of files with the extension. Package are offered. This package files must be stored in a specific folder in Sims 3 directory. I have once made a list for you, so you can see which folders have to create it. Only the bold highlighted folders and files must be created. We are in the Sims 3 directory (eg C: \ Program Files \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \):
    • Caches
    • Game
    • Game data
    • Mods

    Packages ----
    • Support
    • Thumbnails
    • Resource.cfg

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    It's even easier ... just follow the below steps mentioned :
    1. First download appropriate ZIP file that creates the folders and file Resource.cfg already invests them for you.
    2. The downloaded zip file into your Sims 3 store directory (eg C: \ Program Files \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \).
    3. unzip with WinZip (or another tool) simply in this directory (extract here).

    If you did everything correctly, you can now find all of the above folders and files are already where they belong and you can now install your mods. About the Mods install :
    • All package -. Simply copies your files to the / mods / Packages / - directory. That's it ...

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    I would like to talk about the Appearance of Sims 3. The editor of facies is very comprehensive. You can choose skin color, gender, but also the age at which you want to start the adventure. Each option is fully customizable. You can color your hair for example differently from root to tip. It's the same for all parts of the body visible in the game. In terms of clothing, you'll have to choose several outfits that will be the ones used for your business. Jogging for exercise, a suit for evenings, jeans and shirt for the day. If you do not feel the soul of a god, you can always leave it to chance by clicking on the pair of dice on the bottom right panel customization. You can fall into pleasant surprises ... or surprises ... A new Sims 3, and not least, is the aging system. It is possible in this part of the off completely simply by unchecking the "Enable Ageing" in the options of the game is also possible to slow or accelerate the growth of sim will to choose whether you want it changing environment (moving, moving ...). If you do not touch the options, there are more than 6 major stages in the life of a Sim:
    • Toddler: 7 days
    • Child: 7 days
    • Teen: 14 days
    • Young adult: 21 days
    • Adult: 21 days
    • Senior: 16 + days

    A simple life so at least 86 days. 72 if you create a young, 58 if you create a young adult, etc. ... It is possible to extend its life by completing certain challenges, choosing a particular trait or living a certain way. Except fiddling options, you can not not escape death. It is even possible to continue playing after his death by controlling ghost, although interest remains limited.

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    Even I would like to talk about the appearance but in little deep. When creating your sim, you have to define its personality through personality traits. There are over 60 different lines and only 5 will be to choose among them. Some are entirely positive, others will only penalize your character.
    The mental traits:
    • Interests: very low. A simple allergic to art will feel very uncomfortable when it is ready for a work. More work is more expensive it will feel bad. It does not really have interest in enforcing the treaty if it is to test how it feels.Interests: very high. The skills of painting and writing guitar rising faster with this feature. It does not have real drawbacks. Very useful if you want a career based on artistic professions (composer, rock star, painter ...)
    • Importance: high. Tinker always arrive to repair any object whatsoever, and therefore can never be electrocuted. Their competence is growing faster craft. There are no disadvantages to being a handyman, but most of the time to call a technician can adjust both the case for a low price.
    • Interests: very high. Cordon bleu cooking have their competence increases faster than the others and start with a cookbook in the inventory. They can also find recipes just by tasting a dish. They cook so well that no fire broke out in their kitchen. No problem.
    • Interest: nil. This line serves only to complicate your task. The sim will often stop in the middle of a task and move on. This can waste a lot of time, something that is precious in The Sims 3.
    • Interests: very high. These sims will always receive positive side and positive moods for each action. Whether it's a promotion, a good meal, a visit. There is no down side to this trait, if it is too full of good humor.

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    Even I would like to talk about the appearance but in little deep. When creating your sim, you have to define its personality through personality traits. There are over 60 different lines and only 5 will be to choose among them.
    I would like to discuss more about the same thing. But I am describing more about the wishes. Wishes to play a more important chapter in The Sims 3. The whole game revolves around this system wishes to accomplish that give meaning to life sim. The aim is to ensure that the sim accomplish these wishes to make him feel fulfilled throughout its existence. Obviously, there is a reward points for every wish happiness successfully. With these points of happiness, you can "buy" long-term rewards. These rewards make your life easier every day by enabling you to miss a day's work for example, or climbing faster your skills. There are two types of desires. The first are greeting says "classic." They appear randomly depending on your character traits in the boxes at the bottom left of the screen. You'll be able to choose what wishes you intend. If you make a wish without having chosen it, you will not earn points. Every wish done correctly can bring in between 100 and 1500 points. Some very special greeting as reaching a level 10 skill can still bring nearly 5,000 points. The second are the long-term desire. It is possible to have one in a life sim. It is the wish that will define the way you play and evolve. Once achieved this wish, you can not choose another. It will earn you between 25 000 and 35 000 points.

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    The following are some long-term desires of Sims 3 :
    • Shine in all areas:
      • Achieving Level 5 of 4 different careers
      • Suggested features: Engineering, cordon bleu, Handyman, love nature

    • Breaker of hearts
      • Being the boyfriend of 10 different sims
      • Suggested features: beguiling, divine Kisses, Friendly, Charismatic

    • Famous five star chef:

      • Reach level 10 of the Culinary Career
      • Suggested features: Cordon bleu, Perfectionist, Green Thumb, Fisherman

    • World-renowned surgeon:
      • Being at level 10 in the Medical Career
      • Suggested features: Engineering, Workaholic, Kind, Loving Nature

    • Soundtrack composer:
      • Being level 10 career Symphony
      • Traits tip: Virtuoso, Artist, Perfectionist

    • Create the perfect aquarium Private:
      • Have at least 13 species of fish in jars perfect.
      • Suggested features: Fisherman, love nature

    • Words and fingers in gold:
      • Master the skill Charisma
      • Guitar master the skill
      • Suggested features: Artist, Virtuoso, Charismatic, Friendly

    • Become an astronaut:
      • Fighting to be the best to become an astronaut in the Military Career
      • Suggested features: Engineering, love nature, Courageous

    • Becoming a farmer cyborgs:
      • Being at level 9 Scientific career
      • Suggested features: Engineering, love nature, Computer Whiz

    • Become the King of Thieves:
      • Being level 10 in career Thief
      • Suggested Traits: Ambitious, Incorrect, kleptomaniac

    • Become a superstar athlete:
      • Being at level 9 Career Sports
      • Suggested features: Athlete, love nature

    • Leader of the free world:
      • Being level 10 career Policy
      • Suggested Traits: Charismatic, Friendly, Compassionate, Workaholic

    • Surrounded by a family
      • Raising 5 children from birth to adolescence
      • Suggested Traits: Friendly, Family Oriented, Kind, Lucky

    • International Spy:
      • Being at level 10 Special Agent (law enforcement)
      • Suggested Traits: Courageous, Engineering Benevolent

    • Extremely popular
      • Bind a friendship with 20 sims
      • Suggested Traits: Charismatic, Friendly, Boot Licking, Sense of humor

    • Illustrious author:
      • Master the skill Scripture
      • Master the skill Painting
      • Suggested Traits: Artistic, Bookworm, Perfectionist

    • The emperor of evil:
      • Being level 10 career Diabolique
      • Suggested Traits: Malicious, Ambitious, Incorrect, Mesquin

    • The culinary librarian:
      • Learn all recipes
      • Traits tip: Bookworm, Cordon bleu

    • The Handyman:
      • Master the skill Stores
      • Master the skill Logic
      • Suggested features: Handyman, Engineering Bookworm

    • The perfect garden:
      • Planting and growing 8 species of plants perfect
      • Suggested features: Green Thumb, love nature

    • Chess legend
      • Master the skill Logic
      • Become a grand master of Chess
      • Suggested features: Engineering, Lucky, Bookworm

    • Swimming in money:
      • Have 50 000 Simoleans funds home
      • Suggested Traits: Workaholic, Lucky, Snob, Bursar, Ambitious

    • Opportunistic
      • See the ghost of the rich wife (Marrying a rich sim and make it die to inherit)
      • Suggested features: Kissing God, Friendly, Charismatic

    • CEO of a multinational
      • Move up the ladder to become CEO and a career in business
      • Suggested Traits: Ambitious, Charismatic, Workaholic, Boot Licking

    • News presenter:
      • Being level 10 career Journalism
      • Traits tip: Bookworm, Charismatic

    • Rockstar:
      • Being level 10 career Rock
      • Traits tip: Virtuoso, Artist, Bookworm

    • Sim of many talents:
      • Reach level 10 with 3 different skills
      • Suggested features: Athlete, Builder, Green Thumb, Fisherman, Cordon

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    Re: How to find Sims 3 Instruction Manual?

    Also if possible please tell me about the creating your sim, the daily grind and secrets of Sunset Valley. I hope that those who are playing this game might have understood this.!!
    There are 3 types of items to retrieve at Sunset Valley: insects (butterflies and beetles), stones (meteorites, gems and metals) and seeds. They are all pretty well hidden for very little. Moreover, it is often impossible to identify at least stick the camera to the ground and must still wait until they appear. Apart from the rather large rocks, it is difficult to find one of these unless you know where it already is. Fortunately, everything was planned and the game developers have introduced extremely helpful for any seasoned collector. This is the collection manager, available for the modest sum of 40 000 points of long-term happiness. This may sound pretty, but it is only small price to pay relative to its usefulness. With one click in the inventory, it allows you to instantly mark on the map the location of all seeds, stones and insects in. If you choose such as insects, all insects are noted on the map and better yet they shine a light strong enough to allow you to retrieve them easily. You will understand, the collection manager is indispensable for any collector, amateur or professional. The seeds will be useful for your garden and allow you to grow any type of vegetable and fruit. There are 4 types of seeds: the common, the unusual, the rare and special. The first 3 are available directly in stores by buying fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. The special hand are discoverable only by looking in Sunset Valley.

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