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Thread: mafia 2 game not working-error message (binkw32.dll missing)

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    mafia 2 game not working-error message (binkw32.dll missing)

    I am very much addicted of game but now a days i am suffering from a great problem is that the game MAFIA II is not working on my computer. It means i have install it on my computer properly as i know but when i run this game i can't play game Bcoz when i run this game on my window one small error window message is displaying and that say " The program can't start Bcoz binkw32.dll file is missing from computer. Try to re-install the program will fix this error." I am using Windows 7 ultimatum, CPU is AMD Athlon of 2.8 Ghz, The motherboard of Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2, RAM size is 4GB, The Hard drive is of 500GB. IS there is any one will help me out to ovecome this problem.? Does my computer is compitable with this game..? If you have any suggetion about this please help me.;

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    Re: mafia 2 game not working-error message (binkw32.dll missing)

    Hello there you are a fan of playing game at home...its cool. Now a days you are facing the problem that you can't play game frequently Bcoz of some error that say some binkw32.dll file is missing from your computer. Not you worry about this. I have a solution you just do one thing just uninstall that game properly and then just reinstall that game in other directory or in other Drive where you have a space. while installing the game you please close all the program if it possible. Closing of other program will allow your CPU to work faster Bcoz it take very small load to complete their task. You must install this game where you have space available about of 16 GB and your windows 7 is very much compatible to play game. This is the solution will help you means to install and to play game very nicely and easily with out any error.

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    Re: mafia 2 game not working-error message (binkw32.dll missing)

    The error message binkw32.dll missing from you r computer is the problem comes out Bcoz you have not install this game properly on your PC. It might also possible that your system is not compatible with this game. But the thing is that your computer system is much compatible to run game and play it freely. This Binkw32.dll error are caused Bcoz that the particular game playing is having the BINK Video codec which created by RAD game tools. Close that game and reopen the game that generated the binkw32.dll error. Whatever game you're playing may be having a temporary problem that a restart might fix. After installing the game just reboot your PC which automatically save the changes which is useful for your game. Try this step you will get your solution for your problem very easily.

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    Re: mafia 2 game not working-error message (binkw32.dll missing)

    This Binkw32.dll error message can be displayed due to running CRACKED versions of the game. You may face this error when you are trying to run a game without the original CD or DVD if you are playing the game without CD or DVD you must use Demon tools software which create the image of that game in the drive. If this error message is display then just uninstall it from CONTROL PANEL and then reinstall the game again. The binkw32.dll error involves a video codec that should have been included inside your game installation, reinstalling the entire game will resolve the problem.
    Note: Restarting your computer after installing game will ensure that any loaded files are cleared from memory and that the uninstallation is 100% complete it means it may remove the Binkw32.dll error. This message also display when your video card is of oldest version. For this just Upgrade your video card will solve your problem. Upgrading the card to one with more memory and processing power could resolve the problem. You just try this will resolve your problem.

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