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Thread: FSX with my iMac

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    FSX with my iMac

    Last week I purchased imac computer for my personal usages. It is running with 3.06 Ghz Intel Core i3 processor and screen resolution is 1920x 1080. RAM is 4 GB and hard drive is almost 500 GB. It has 8 x double Layer super drives. I also received ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 256 MB graphics card which is awesome. Over and all I am very happy with its specification and work performance. Yesterday night I have loaded FSX game on my imac computer. I am using it with medium high settings and my screen resolution is 1680x1050 and it is running smooth. But still I am little bit scared that this game can harm my system. So I am interested in yours results. What are you feeling with FSX game on your imac machine? Is it harmful or smooth on you system? Please advise me about this game and also consider my imac specification in your replies.

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    Re: FSX with my iMac

    I also like to play Flight Simulator x game on my MacBook pro. I have done jailbreaking on my laptop and now I am running it with windows vista because I was not happy MAC OS. I am not seeing any problem with this game. It is running very smoothly on my system. But sometime it gets pause may just because of bad weather or any other application running at back end. But overall I am happy with its working. I do not feel any problem with its use on your IMAC even I am using it from last 4 years. FSX 2004 version is very smooth like silk with every setting. it’s like X-plane under OSX. To get best graphic resolution I am using graphic card on my system and my graphic is ATI Radeon HD 4780 and it’s enough to give me better clarity.

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    Re: FSX with my iMac

    Hello everybody! I have also some doubts about FXS games. Next month I am planning to buy 24” imac computer and I would like to run FSX game on it. But I am not sure that will it be good for it. I want to know that how much frames you are receiving per second on your screen? Suppose I start receiving problem from my default graphic card then what should I do? Should I go for new graphic card and if yes then which will be the best card two supports this game on my Imac book? Please I really wants to know because I am fully new with apple computer and I have no idea that how it responds to graphic cards? Thanks in advance

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    Re: FSX with my iMac

    Do not worry about your problem because there are lots of people who have used MAC computers and they will be always ready to give you their experience. Actually I am not sure about my frames per second but I think so they should be 20 to 25 frames per second. Normally imac support FSX games without any problem. Default graphics graphic card is more than enough to play this game. But still if you want to use graphic card then try nvidia 7950gt 512mb. My brother is using this same card on his laptop. I hope you will get better clarity.

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    Re: FSX with my iMac

    I have no idea about your conversation but I know FSX game. I am using the same game form long time on my computer. I always use these games with very high setting to get good sound effect and resolution. You have to use hight graphic card on your CPU if you want to play this game for better performance. If some is there who have no idea about FSX then this article will help him to understand: Flight Simulator X Service Pack 1:
    Aspiring aviators can now prepare to fly higher and faster, as Microsoft Game Studios is happy to announce that the first service pack for the AIAS award-winning Flight Simulator X is now available. Service Pack 1 will:
    • Provide a 20 to 50 percent performance increase
    • Optimize for multi-core CPUs and improve draw times for faster loading
    • Address multiplayer and backwards compatibility issues
    • Offer improved realism of key geographical locations, landmarks and airports
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    Re: FSX with my iMac

    I bought one imac book last month. I have nothing to do on it which can entertain me. I am looking to use video games on my computer but I have no idea about how it will affect my system. I have read lots of case where people lots there CPU because of games. I have 24” wide screen and someone told me that gaming performance will be little bit slow on my computer due screen width. Is it true? I paid $1499 for my imac book and do not want to lost it just because of game. These are the details of my system:
    3.2GHz Intel Core i3
    1920-by-1080 resolution
    4GB (two 2GB) memory
    1TB hard drive
    8x double-layer SuperDrive
    ATI Radeon HD 5670 with 512MB

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