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Thread: Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

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    Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

    Hello friend
    I have a Hp computer with the windows 7 as the operating system. Yesterday I download a game but unfortunately I am not able ply it in my computer, it gives a message while I tried to run the game, the screen it stops suddenly and the message appears that “the program has stopped working”. I checked my graphic card, but found nothing. Then one of my friends suggests me to install the Magic 7 to run the game. Actually I have no idea about the software, anyone tell me the information about the software, what it’s need? Also what should I do to fix the problem?

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    Re: Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

    As per my knowledge the Magic 7 is only used in windows 7 operating system, it acts as the partition in the hard drive to install the game software. It is known as the partition manager. It supports for both the 32-bit and the 64-bit. It also useful if you planning for the dual-boot system in your personal computer. For that you need to install the partition manager into the toolkit of the windows 7. This software is needed if you are looking for to use the computer for the gaming purpose.

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    Re: Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

    I had the similar issue in my DELL computer where as I am using the Windows Vista as my operating system. I supposed that the Magic 7 is a old version of the game. I did the fix, and would like to share you to overcome from the problem; I hope this will definitely help you to fix the issue in the windows7. Right click on the shortcut which is in your computer desktop then go to troubleshoot compatibility and look for the version of windows to where you want to run the game, select the operating system and hit on ENTER.

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    Re: Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

    Similar issue in my computer, I am using the windows 7 operating system in my DELL computer, and recently installed the MechWarrior 4 Mercs game in my computer, but the problem is it is not working properly in my computer. After that I reinstall the game again, and found that it still results the same. I apply a patch, a registry key for the game, but it does not work. The combat look is good, I am just feeling worthless with the machine, any solution for the solution?

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    Re: Might and Magic 7 for Windows 7

    There is a solution; this might be helping you to overcome from the problem. I did this and this one helps me

    1) After installing the game restart the machine,
    2) type regedit on the registry editor in the run box and pressing and hit enter.
    3) by selecting File > Export back up the registry.
    4) then ensure that the export range "All" is selected.
    5)Save the registry backup.
    6) Type the full name of the program and hit enter.
    7) find the values labelled: DisplaymodeHeight and DisplaymodeWidth of the program.
    8)If you don’t found the values then reassemble the resolution.
    9) change the value into 800, but not less than that.
    10) Close the registry editor. and you should
    Now be able to operate the program.
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