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Thread: Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

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    Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

    I live for games. I have a copy of Doom 3, that was purchased about 5 months ago. I enjoyed it playing with it till my motherboard blew. I decided to switch from Accelerated Graphics Port(AGP) to Peripheral Component Interconnect Express(Pci-e). Now the problem is that it only works on ATI or NVIDIA graphics. I know very well that the onboard graphic can play it well, but when I install the game and try to play it gives me the error that display driver is not suitable. It is usually giving me problem with the Doom 3. Please help me with this. Thanks.

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    Re: Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

    I have got you and I really think that you live for games. I think that you need to download Steam. Steam delivers a range of games straight to a computer's desktop. It includes automatic updates, lists of games and prices, posters, plus access to a large gaming. So, by downloading the Steam start getting more games. When you have enough for a real Graphics processing Unit(GPU), this should solve your problem.

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    Re: Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

    Yes, indeed Steam is superb and one can rely on it. I have my money in Steam and I am getting a worth benefit from it. I can install and uninstall games on my wish. I can download the games directly from Steam server. Only you need to take care of some important information may not get leaked online. It may happen that it may get exposed.

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    Re: Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

    Yes what Common suggested is true. That is something that you really need to be careful about. It would be better if you stick for big companies. Most of the sites have Paypal sort of thing. So if you sign up for Paypal you can pay for things by simply using your Paypal email and confirming the payment on Paypal's website. I am not sure if Steam has this Paypal facility. Thanks.

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    Re: Doom 3 graphics and game purchase advice.

    I have a copy of Doom 3 which I bought about six months ago. I strongly like and then detonating the mobo. I do not want to live in the Middle Ages no longer went tographics card to Pci-e. The only problem is that it works only with ATI or NVIDIA. Other than this the game was awesome one to play...

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