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Thread: Mafia II Music download

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    Mafia II Music download

    I wanted to download the Mafia 2 music because i liked the Music of my Mafia 2 Game very since i played the demo only i wanted to know whether it is possible to get the Mafia II Music download anyone aware from where the Mafia 2 Music will be available. Please help me in this regard. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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    Re: Mafia II Music download

    Sounds like you will not be able to download the Game Music because only the demo version of this game is available you cannot download the game unless and until the game is not installed on your system when the game is installed you will be able to get the Music from within the games files where you will install the game.

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    Re: Mafia II Music download

    If you want to listen the Music from the Mafia 2 game then you can simply logon to the youtube and then search the music title which ever you like and simply enjoy if you do not find it then simply enter mafia 2 in the search field and check in the related videos you will definitely get the music which ever you want.

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    Re: Mafia II Music download

    You cannot download the Music files from the demos itself. For downloading the Music files i think you need to install the game first on your system and then you can search from the folders on your hard drive. The other workaround for this is that you can download the Music files of the mafia 2 games from any official website or from any video game website.

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