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Thread: Play Modern Warfare 2 with your Friend Online [ Private Match ]

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    ThumbsUp Play Modern Warfare 2 with your Friend Online [ Private Match ]

    This is my short tutorial about have to play Modern Warfare 2 online with your friends...

    Steps for Hosting a game:

    Thinks Needed:
    Modern Warfare 2.
    Alteriwnet latest Patch
    Download Link:
    And a good ISP with Ports opened. ( If you are able to host COD4 MP means leave this )
    Nice GPU with 60fps+ constant.

    Just Download [ DLCs Repository (961 MB) ]
    and then the [ Patch 3 (small) ]

    Extract the DLC Repository to the Modern Warfare Installed Directory and overwrite it if it ask..
    Then the Patch 3 Small and overwrite it too if it ask..

    Run alterIWnet_configure.exe and Enter your Multiplayer Tag or username tat you use to call it and save it..
    Now Run iw4mp.exe and then make sure you have seen Nat opened in the game..
    Now click Play, then the Private match and change the game settings to FFA ( free for all ) if you have just 1 player. and change the other setting as you wish and wait in the lobby. ( dont click Start Game )..
    Now go to note down your ip and sent it to your friend via xfire or anything that u use to chat between u both..
    Now your friend must use the command in the consol as ( Connect 117.193.***.** )
    [ Dont use the bracket, just type connect and a space and then the IP address and press enter. ]
    in the console running the background and it will straightly take you to the lobby that your other friend is hosting..
    Now when he gets into lobby click start game, you will be 1st in the game with 0 players and in few seconds your friend will join the game...

    Thats it guys Play some game and share your experience here..
    Happy Killing...

    Best way for the server to make changes soon as in the game is to in windowed mode.
    to do it, go to modern warfare 2 folder and then player folder and open config_mp.cfg with note pad. Search for Fullscreen and change it from 1 to 0.

    For those who will be the HOST, Pls run this app in the background before you start the game..
    Select the maps and game modes and then go to console and press F7 to load the change that you have made now...

    Download Link:

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    Re: Play Modern Warfare 2 with your Friend Online [ Private Match ]

    I am having some problem, I cant find a single match. I go out and buy the stupid thing for the pc and this is the thanks I get...badly programmed crap!! They had better put in a new update that wont break the entrire point of this game! I can't get into any games. And I mean any games.
    Nothing in life is garaunteed, except death.

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    Re: Play Modern Warfare 2 with your Friend Online [ Private Match ]

    you mean you cant get into any game modes like team death like that or single player game modes..

    Download Link
    This Crack works for me even when the game is updated with the Alteriwnet updates..
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