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Thread: Using 3G, 4G or Wireless Radio Broadband for Xbox Live

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    Using 3G, 4G or Wireless Radio Broadband for Xbox Live

    Here is an imminent interested in using 3G/4G or Wireless Radio Broadband for Xbox Live, first of all its significant that you know what is meant by delay responsive and non delay sensitive applications:

    Delay sensitive:

    This type of application indicates that if there is a holdup in the application transferring and acquiring its info from 1st to 2nd it will create an problem, if it is a video application than you may see a broken up jerky image on display it may also stammer and pause, and if it is an online game like Xbox Live than you will see lag symbolize as a holdup in shooting your gun, or some other gamer leaping from location to location. This kind of function information is "fire and forget" it is unable to resent once more if misplaced in transfer because it won't seem right as belongings have moved on because the application is based on time. As a result if information is misplaced it will associate to a fewer than acceptable experience.

    Non delay sensitive:

    This type of applications can perform just well yet if there is a holdup many of Non delay sensitive applications use to resend the data yet again if mislaid, thus if your e-mail consumes more time for sending and receiving, it actually doesn’t issue. Your email is yet going to get sent or received and perform fine and will not bang on the result the same goes for web browsing, in case the page is consuming about 2, 5, or 20 seconds to open, it will yet perform well, at the same time it may be pretty annoying.

    Now as the above information indicates that 3G/4G Broadband is better for Non delay sensitive applications, but not fine for delay sensitive. 3G/4G Broadband is at an exceptionally basic stage just a wireless network on a greatly better scale, you may discover that you occasionally get meddling on your own wireless network in your house and it is the equal for 3G/4G Broadband but in excess of a much larger distance.

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    Re: Using 3G, 4G or Wireless Radio Broadband for Xbox Live

    In review, there are some problems you might face with 3G/4G for Xbox Live Gaming.

    NAT Issues:

    There are lots of internet service providers that offers 3G/4G and Wireless Radio Tower broadband now provide private IP addresses, which indicates that they interpret your IP Address to a real world IP surrounded by their own service, distinct other internet service providers where you need to perform this manually on your own router. You will also find lots many propositions on forums for NAT issues such as allow UPnP, Forward the Xbox Live Ports, etc... But is not possible to perform in this case because the address translation is through by ISP rather than you, thus it is completely away from you. Hence, the very 1st query you have for your ISP in order to use 3G/4G is do you supply a private or public IP address?


    As previously explained above 3G/4G is essentially a wireless network on a huge scale and there are possibilities that if a few of your Xbox Live traffic is misplaced in transit this will result as lag.


    Speeds can differ for your connection based on remoteness to your nearby mast. If it is very short than it can have a bang on your gaming.

    Data Usage/Allowance:

    If we go through their policies, we’ll find that most of the 3G/4G Internet Service Providers cover extremely severe data usage allowance because the service is intended at browsers and e-mailers that is usually small usage, if you cross the edge that they will charge you every Mb you utilize over the limit. This can be off course very costly if you don’t track your procedure, even as gaming traffic unaccompanied doesn’t make use of vast amount, It does add up particularly in case of downloading updates, demo’s and videos from Marketplace.

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    Re: Using 3G, 4G or Wireless Radio Broadband for Xbox Live

    It has been experienced that few populace basically have no additional option rather than going with 3G/4G Broadband, their familiarity with this kind of service differ. Some of them are OK with the service, where many of them do have many problems. In order to get the best gaming experience, I’ll personally suggest for making use of a hard line broadband service like Cable or DSL. If you wish to go with 3G/4G or a Wireless Radio service than please keep in mind and be aware of the above mentioned points.

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