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Thread: Need for Speed World An Error when installing the game

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    Need for Speed World An Error when installing the game

    I am facing a major problem. I have downloaded Need for speed World online video game to play it on my computer. I had installed it, then I enter the key, I did not register myself as stated in the installation process, I had copied the files NFSW.EXE and NFSW.ori in the game folder. The problem is that when I start the game, it displays an error message that says : "Files or corrupted registry, please reinstall" followed by a message: "can’t open NFSW.ori. Please help me to solve this problem.

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    Re: Need for Speed World An Error when installing the game

    Have you tried to install the game with the help of Origin client or the game was already installed on your computer? Incase you have installed this as a new game then you should try to clickin on this link - On the other hand you can also try to use the repair function by following the method given on the same link and just run the exe file by downloding it again and choose the option to repair when it is available. This will help you out.

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    Even I am facing this very similar issue for quite some time now. I have tried the method given above but it doesnt seem to work properly and I am still getting the error message unfortunately. I have also tried to solve this issue by doing a full uninstallation and reinstallation of the game but without any luck so far. Also tried to copy the NFS World files from my laptop to my desktop but still it willnot work. So, if there is any other workaround then please let me know about it.

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    Re: Need for Speed World An Error when installing the game

    I think that I found out what was the real issue which is related to .Net Framework. But there is something else, even after having the newest version of the .Net Framework which is actually 4.5 but apprently I need the version 3.5 one. I am also running Windows 7 on my pc and it should be already installed but it is not working the way it should. If I am trying to reinstall the game then I am getting a message that I should only turn it on via Control panel but even doing that gives me failed message.

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