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Thread: Need for Speed World My game wonít start

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    Need for Speed World My game wonít start

    This morning I bought the game Need for Speed world Online. And I have installed it without any problem. Now whenever I am trying to start this game it wont budge. I double click on desktop icon of this game,hourglass appears and then 10 seconds after a black window + cursor/hourglass appears and disappears immediately ith an error message that states: world.exe met with a problem and needs to be closed. Can anyone tell me how do I solve this issue? Thanks

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    Re: Need for Speed World My game wonít start

    I think this problem might be occuring with your video game itself. You have to perform the following things.
    • Uninstall Need for speed from your computer.
    • And then restart your computer.
    • After that you have reinstall it again on your computer along with all the additional directx version and software provided in the game. After that try to launch the game and see if it works this time.

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    Re: Need for Speed World My game wonít start

    I love to know if you have to find the problem because I also game closes itself without any message to peek test at the first corner it closes like a uninstall and reinstall my computer several. All it amdx2 2GB ram and graphics card 1gb ddr2. I want to know knows how can UI solve my problem.

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    You could try to run a Repair installation and see if that works. Incase the game launcher self update is failing then it could mean that you are using a very outdated version of the game launcher. So, the only solution would be to download the a new setup.exe file from this link - When you are running the setup.exe file then ensure to choose the Repair option, incase you select to remove the old installation then all your client data will also be lost. So try to select Repair.

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    sad Need for Speed World My game wonít start

    Good day sirs! I just want to ask why is the game, after verifying the download, not starting? I have played it one night and then I tried to open it the next day, it won't actually start. But whenever I click the icon, it says, "It's not possible to start the updater while game is running."
    What supposed to be the problem? I tried uninstalling it and re-install, but the same problem occurs. Can you help me please? Thank you... I would really appreciate your help.

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