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Thread: Best iPad Tower Defence Games And Strategy Games

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    Best iPad Tower Defence Games And Strategy Games

    Hey friends, if you are fedup of gaming on your iPhone or iPod screen than just checkout these top Tower Defence Games and Strategy games for your iPad, if you own the same:

    1. CastleCraft:

    Wage war against hundreds of others for realm domination! In this massively-multiplayer, city building strategy game, players follow three different quest lines, form alliances, and train different types of military, resource and technology units. Play against friends and others, chat in realtime, and watch your gorgeous city expand under intricate day-night cycles with dynamic particle effects in developer Infinite Lives' newest title. Collect Dragon Crystals to power up your city with magic and bring your foes to their knees! CastleCraft is a massively multiplayer online game. No Subscription is required to play the game as of the 1.0.3 Update.

    • Build up your town and watch your minions go about their daily business in the City view, and then go to the World view to explore the land around your city
    • Chat with other players online in real time and interact with other players through the messaging system.
    • Train up to 16 different types of military units as well as 16 different types of resource and technology buildings to build.
    • Build and upgrade resource buildings to increase your Gold, Lumber and Food production.
    • Dragon Crystal meteors will periodically fall out of the sky, send your troops out to capture them and harvest that magical power to build magical buildings and units.
    • War or Peace? Expand your empire by conquering and occupying neighboring cities, or form strategic alliances to gain intel about distant lands.
    • Plus+ integration for leader boards, stats, and sharing your journey with friends and family!

    Download CastleCraft

    2. Plants vs. Zombies HD

    Get ready to soil your plants in this high-definition, Multi-Touch adaptation of the PopCap hit! Winner of over 20 Game of the Year awards. Plants vs. Zombies was spawned from the fertile minds that created Bejeweled, Peggle, Zuma and Bookworm.

    A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home. Defend it with an arsenal of 49 zombie-zapping plants that will slow down, confuse and mulchify all 26 types of zombies before they reach your door.

    • MULTIPLE FUN-DEAD GAME MODES: Conquer all 50 levels of Adventure mode — through day, night, fog, in a swimming pool, on the rooftop — and unlock 18 Mini-Games and the ultra-challenging Survival mode. Replay your favorite levels with Quick Play mode.
    • NOT YOUR GARDEN-VARIETY GHOULS: Battle 26 kinds of zombies: pole-vaulters, snorkelers, bucket-heads and more. Each has its own special skills, so you'll need to think fast and plant faster to combat them all.
    • SMARTER THAN YOUR AVERAGE ZOMBIE: Be careful how you use your limited supply of greens and seeds. As you battle the fun-dead, obstacles like a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool add to the challenge.
    • FIGHT LONGER, GET STRONGER: Earn 49 powerful perennials and collect coins to buy a pet snail, power-ups and more!
    • BONE UP: Unlock the Almanac to for the full story on your plants and your zombie foes.
    • GROW WITH YOUR GAME: Earn 17 special achievements and show off your zombie-zapping prowess.

    Download Plants vs. Zombies HD

    3. Fieldrunners for iPad

    Fieldrunners is a award winning game reforged to take full advantage of the iPad! Descend into the world of Fieldrunners, the most anticipated and visually stunning game in mobile Tower Defense history! Defend and control the field using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers in a limitless adventure, using a wide array of tactics and strategies against countless waves of unique land and air combatants! Hours of entertainment and replayable challenges! Enjoy a growing experience through free content updates and premium DLC! Do you have what it takes to dominate the fieldrunners and rise to the top as the ultimate Tower Defense master?

    • Charming visual style with high-definition graphics.
    • Highly balanced, addictive and fun gameplay.
    • Spectacular visual effects.
    • Music wonderfully themed to each environment.

    Download Fieldrunners for iPad

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    Re: Best iPad Tower Defence Games And Strategy Games

    1. Strategery

    Strategery is a fast-paced game of world domination, designed and built from top to bottom for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Play against the computer or your friends in an epic battle of strategy and risk.

    • Challenging game of offensive and defensive strategy
    • Play for a couple minutes or a couple hours (it's pretty addictive)
    • Four difficulty settings, ranging from "Easy" (for the strategically impaired) to "Brutal" (risk being humiliated)
    • Online battles with push notifications!
    • Pass-and-play multiplayer (up to 5 players)
    • Automatically saves your game to resume later
    • Randomly generated maps (four sizes) make every game a unique challenge
    • TONS of gameplay options to tailor the game to your preferences

    Download Strategery for iPad

    2. Dominion HD

    Dominion HD is a modern take on the classic world domination game of strategy, risk and conquest. Players take turns building armies and seizing territory from their opponents. Dominion HD benefits from Multiplayer functionality over WiFi or 3G so you can Challenge your friends locally or online, and Dominate the world!

    • Local and online game play
    • Play modes: Classic world domination, or modern objective based play
    • Earn rewards to power-up your army
    • Up to 5 players per game
    • Challenging AI opponents and difficulty levels
    • Multiple maps to conquer
    • Crystal social gaming integration

    Download Dominion HD

    3. Monster Mayhem

    Get ready for the goriest, bloodiest, hack-and-slash monster attack game you’ve ever seen. The only game where attack IS the best form of defense!

    Crazy monsters lurk in the dark of night, trapped behind the rusty iron graveyard gates. As the Gate Keeper, you must keep the monsters behind bars and stop them from escaping by any means necessary. This is classic castle defense with a twist: no gun turrets, blocks or speed reduction – just all out ATTACK with explosive weapons and action-packed combat!

    Game Modes For Everyone: Dive into a Campaign Mode for hours of gameplay, or unlock Endless Mode which features non-stop monsters on the rampage! Then there’s Boss Rush Mode where you face the big boys, and they ain’t happy.

    Crazy Monsters: A total of 20 manic monsters and five imposing boss characters including Frank Stein, Roger Rattlebone and Chainsaw Hewitt. Each enemy has unique skills and weaknesses so you’ll need to change tactics to survive.

    Upgrade Your Arsenal: Kill monsters to earn cash, then buy new weapons and upgrade them to defy the never-ending monster assault. Weapons include a saber, machine gun, grenades, flame thrower and when all else fails, nuke ‘em!

    A Massive Monster Almanac: Unlock all of your enemies in the Monster Almanac, which also reveals your Kill Count and Stats.

    Socialize And Compete With Friends: Enjoy full Crystal social network features including online leaderboards, achievements and the option to challenge your friends to some Monster Mayhem!

    Download Monster Mayhem

    4. Knights of the Phantom Castle

    In this game, build your army of knights during the [Camp] phase; decide on the army's deployment, equipment and strategies during the [Combat Deployment] phase; and, during the [Stage Battle] phase, take advantage of every control techniques, terrain and stage devices to clear the stage objectives and move on.

    • Simple one-step "Tap - Flick - Drag" finger commands!
    • Using "Multi-Touch," the simultaneous control of several army units!
    • Six classes, each with their own specialized skills!
    • Over 50 stages with numerous stage devices and difficulty levels!

    Download Knights of the Phantom Castle

    5. ZombieSmash

    ZombieSmash! is a “Survival Comedy” game, featuring undead-themed castle defense and entertaining, physics-based gameplay. The game casts players as Joey, a lone survivor pit against a herd of writhing, unrelenting zombies - to defeat the undead masses, players must use their fingers to flick and smash them until they're un-undead.

    To aid players in their fight, over 20 specials and upgrades allow for creative zombie demolition - including fun implements like asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and a gigantic, rolling boulder – combine specials (for instance, smash nitrogen-frozen zombies with a boulder!) for added hilarity.

    Sophisticated ragdoll physics produce unique and hysterical zombie deaths, and the proprietary SplatterEngine renders adorable cartoon blood and gore in a convincing and entertaining fashion.

    Download ZombieSmash

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