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Thread: just cause 2 steam servers busy

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    sad just cause 2 steam servers busy

    i have downloaded just cause 2 a full version game from steam and i have paid 49dollors for it to purshase it online.but i m not happy because it also installs the game through steam.And every time i try to install the game they say our servers are too busy to handle the installation.please try few minutes later.again an again after some times they say this.i cant install the game to play it. what should i do.they took my money at that time their servers were not busy.anybody pls help.

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    Re: just cause 2 steam servers busy

    Well, if the users are too many then you will get problems downloading the games from steam servers and you wont be able to donwnload any games. However, after some time I think it will just pass away and you will be able to download the games. You can try to do one thing like, in steam press COMMAND + COMMA, click on the DOWNLOAD TAB and change your country of origin to something close to you, but obscure. Steam will restart hopefully and your download will start up again.

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