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Thread: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

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    Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    I have downloaded the Alpha protocol game and having some difficulties regarding the connected peripherals which are not responding for me very well. When I use the mouse then I feel that this is the problem of game or related to the game . The mouse handling is still pretty broken in the game. When I come use that the framerate in game getting very down and MaxSmoothedFrameRate, mouse becomes very jerky. Do you have any suggestion regarding this .....


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    Re: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    Hello mathew,

    Would you tell me something about the current status of your device. I am getting your problem but I wanted to ask that this one problem is occurred when you are in the game or some other places also. The problem is looking same on the desktop also. If you are getting the same problem as you have on the desktop then it would be assumed that ;you are running with some disabilities of the connected devices means your mouse. You need to go for the mouse driver settings or if you ave any section regarding the mouse from game then you also can do the same there...

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    Re: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    My brother is also running with the same problem as about me. I only used to play the selected games and depends on my desire to play the game. But I know every thing regarding the settings and all of the thing associated with the game that's why My brother called me to solve this and this is very easy and reliable procedure to fix this issues and you can do it frequently from the game configuration file named as APEngine.ini. You can use this file to fix this issue and go ahead for playing the game...

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    Re: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    Yeah ! I am agree with Hitman and you know this is the proper fix of this issue and the users who already improved their jerky mouse problem by lowering
    MaxSmoothedFrameRate. Asset (textures and some other stuff ) streaming improves the game skip the framerate severely in specific places on the map. This solution performs by minimizing the streaming, so the framerate and consequently the mouse got very stable and reliable .

    Just move to the suggested file formt he following location In APEngine.ini (C:\Users\username\Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config) and configure the appropriate settings as stated below :

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    Re: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    I got your point and consider the whole thing but no success. May be something, I am missing here. According to your post, I have changes something that is described below very well but the same problem moving around me. The suggested configuration made the game almost entirely jerky free for me at MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62, but I am running with a very high end system. I also have replaced some cache size values within the exact same file, but I am not sure that they are required in this case. Do you have any other suggestion regarding this...

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    Re: Alpha Protocol Jerky mouse fix

    Very well suggested by all the members and I am also agree with all above post, this is the one of the solution that can be applied to resolve this issue. May be some of the steps that you are missing, let me cheek my configuration regarding this , Just wait !!!!

    Yeah, after all of the variable and values associated with that , you need to make some more changes and add another value as described as follows :

    This value should be replaced within the same file with the proper value and suggested variable. Now, I am sure it would fix your issue...

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