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Thread: Pure Futbol (PS3) Preview

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    Pure Futbol (PS3) Preview

    When Ubisoft will release its Futbol game at the World Cup, it gives Pure Futbol on PS3 and Xbox 360, the "gold standard of Futbol in five against five. Finally, at least that's what is written on the jacket. Because in reality, the Academy of Champions reworked to stick to the public especially the HD consoles is the reference age-mouth Futbol.

    Stop watching from the stands and discover what it’s like to play real soccer – raw and unfiltered. Through close-up camera angles and stunning audio & visual treatments, pure futbol captures the true on-field emotions. This arcade simulation features 5-a-side matches that are intense, fast-paced, spectacular and include a level of aggression and physicality that would never be allowed in the professional game.

    About the Game:
    Pure Futbol offers several game modes fairly standard: Campaign, Multiplayer and Quick Party. The first allows you to create your player, train your team of 5 and from the conquest of Europe. The other two are an opportunity to take advantage of multiplayer gaming, 4 locally or two online. The title does not shine particularly in its content because it only includes 17 teams and eight different stages.

    But on this point, understand that FIFA Street 3 does not suggest much better. Let's look more closely at the Campaign mode, which is the center of the game, if only because it unlocks the entire contents (players, jerseys, stadiums ...). It begins with the creation of your player: choice of options rather crude and natural selection of his position (defender, middle attacker). Throughout the campaign, you will have the opportunity to improve its attributes (pass, finish, power ...) thanks to points earned in matches Pure.

    Game Features:
    • In the Heart of the Action – Experience what the players do, through tight camera angles and stunning audio/visual treatments that intensify key moments of the game.
    • Feel the Fight – There are no referees to stop the game every few seconds for little fouls. Pure Futbol celebrates strength and power as much as it does skill and speed.
    • The Elite of Past & Present – Take control of over 230 elite players, 17 top international teams and 3 legends teams.
    • Multiplayer – Team up or compete against up to 4 players offline and online. Compete in both regional and global leaderboards.
    • Share Your Superstar – Create and upload your players for others to admire, download and use.

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    Re: Pure Futbol (PS3) Preview

    The opening sequence of Pure Futbol, which had been circulated at the announcement of the game features a team dejected by defeat in the process of rage backstage. The referee was wrong, we are told. Not to worry, a simple text message sent and that is a challenge to the opposing team: we will solve it in other ways, you are expected on land not far from here - without an audience and without a referee - which all shots are allowed. Do not skimp on the murderers and tackles his shoulder, and sit on any notion of fair play.

    Because Pure Futbol is not for mops, there 's sweat, blood and good guys balls. What a wonderful promise that will not survive long because the game is after all a rehash of the Academy of Champions, released in late 2009 on Wii and probably developed by the same Ubisoft team. Although sponsored by the Federation Internationale of Futbol Street, this title has little to do with street Futbol. Rather, it was dealing with a sort of Mario Strikers Charged Futbol doped testosterone. And of course, is much less.

    Before you begin, you must create your team (name, emblem, color singlets) and select your actual departure among all recruits available for your club. At first, they are essentially second-class players (well, let's not exaggerate, it is nonetheless internationals!). But you unlock progressively as stars of the first rank (Lionel Messi, Fernando Torres, Franck Ribery, or Steven Gerrard and Lukas Podolski, who lend their image to the game), all accurately modeled, then you can integrate your team.

    How to unlock them is rather unique: every time you meet a team, you have the opportunity to "recruit" players who compose it. Each of them will impose a different condition, regardless of the final score of the match, which corresponds in principle to his post, score a goal from center pass a given number of tackles, etc..

    The aim of the campaign mode is to climb atop the standings of the 18 best teams in the world to participate in a tournament final that will determine the winner. You are granted 28 days to climb enough in the hierarchy. You can take part in a challenge by day and you earn a spot in the win. The challenges are accessible by browsing from stage to stage on a card together, knowing that over your success, you unlock other stages and thus different challenges (against teams becoming stronger), which unfortunately tends to repeat itself (timed game, golden goals, mini-tournament ...). Admittedly, all is pretty damn good. One regret however: a campaign loop too quickly, even if to you will probably need more than one to unlock everything. Until then, all is not too bad. The problem is on the ground. Here, we realize that the game is a reworked version of Academy of Champions for the Wii.

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    Re: Pure Futbol (PS3) Preview

    As you will see the catch, the camera is located on the back of your team and follow the player you control, which forces you to make frequent passes in the dark. To deliver a dose of fun Now the gameplay is based on simple actions (pass, tackle, shot, race ...). A gauge system with cursor, which appears in each firing, center or defensive gesture of despair, can produce super-spectacular shots and almost unstoppable, "Pure" it is the actions.

    Every time you compose a shot, you gradually fill your bar shooting Pure: once full, it allows you to automatically, without worrying about the cursor, a pure strike resulting in a nice effect of staging . This desire is reflected in the dramatic sounds ridiculously exaggerated that enhance the impact of each hit, each shock and sudden spike lower in the lawn.

    Beside Pure Futbol introduces some gameplay ideas profoundly awkward. Shares of acceleration, taking advantage of a blur damn well, your ability to dribble, change direction and even stop you! You must also contend with a defensive gesture, the movement not driven (sic), as absurd as it is ineffective and you must fall back on the sliding tackle. The problem is that it is systematically assassin (can not tackle properly) and has the effect of a complete lack of yellow, which once full, you sanction a penalty. This leads to improbable situations where you massacre with impunity and repeatedly launched an attacker to your goal, to start a little later a penalty by making a quick offensive tackle in the opposing penalty area. A paradox total for a game that claimed to play the tough guys and ignore the rules more "binding" of Futbol.

    Similarly, it is surprising to find keys, outputs and goals from corners that keep a little more Pure Futbol FIFA Street. It allows you to leave some good technical moves by shaking the right stick in one direction or another, but they are not really in the center of the game short, if the title is left practice time for a campaign or a session between friends, it gives you the uneasy feeling not knowing exactly what to play.

    It fluctuates, never choose sides between the traditional soccer, Futbol and street, like the Mario Striker for a terribly mixed results that could leave you on your hunger. We must recognize that Ubisoft is aware of scarce qualities of her baby, has the wisdom not to offer it only 30 euros. But when we know that for that price, you can enjoy FIFA 10 or FIFA Street 3, difficult to advise you that purchase frankly indispensable.

    Futbol is a pure Futbol game arcade that is very savage and brutal, but missing the boat at all levels. Emphasis grotesque jig players and the impact of sound effects does not, unfortunately, give the gameplay lacks the dynamism. Especially if the game overcomes certain rules, it is only to better integrate other as stringent as clumsy. To make matters worse, the gameplay suffers from too rigid management winded collision and ball physics a little credibility. As a result, the friendly campaign mode and the presence of true international players are not enough to save this disappointing, it is difficult to advise you, even at 30 euros.

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