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Thread: How to get online in split second

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    How to get online in split second

    Hello every one , after playing the demo version i am looking forward to purchase the Split/Second game and finally i came to know that it can be played online too. So I tried several times to play online on this game and every time I get blocked on the page "Please wait" with the video card with car racing. Is this normal or my game kidding. Please tell me How to get online in split second

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    Re: How to get online in split second

    Hello i have been facing the same problem i too not able to play the Split/Second game online. Is there any kind of bug please tell me how to get connected or i am missing something please help me to get rid of this problem i will help appreciate your help for sure. Please suggest appropriate solution to this problem.

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    Re: How to get online in split second

    Follow the steps which i have listed below in order to play the game online.

    • To host a game, Follow the steps which are mentioned below
    • start the game:
    • You reach the selection screen of the game modes and options. Select Local Network and hit enter.
    • Select the desired game mode, race, survival, or elimination.
    • You are now in the lobby of the LAN mode, if you're the host, you just have to wait for the players, if you are a client, the host of the party only has to run race.
    • It's over, you and your friends are ready to destroy everything!

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    Re: How to get online in split second

    The basic disadvantage of the split/second game is that the split online modes should not be as many modes with helicopters are playable solo.

    Ok I understand some have been a thrill playing the demo (not me, it's clear) but after the race 10 times I doubt it is so exciting But the ability to connect online is absolutely very weak.

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    Re: How to get online in split second

    I just tested by beta cons of blur (as I too enjoyed po) split by cons and varied solo looks to be fairly short but different type of race (including horse racing or we must avoid missiles dropped by a helicopter or dropped by a truck barrels) make me say what a great game, including multiplayer. Even i was trying to connect online but was not allowed.

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