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Thread: How to Play Multiplayer Mode on Split/Second

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    How to Play Multiplayer Mode on Split/Second

    Hi, i need some urgent help from you all guys. I bought a copy of Split Second: Velocity for my Playstation 3 console. It works fine, and am enjoying it playing individually. But the only problem is am not getting the option to play it in Multiplayer Mode. I tried to find the solution in this review Split Second: Velocity but there is not a solution for the same. Could you guys please make me know how can i play Split Second: Velocity in multiplayer mode ? Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to Play Multiplayer Mode on Split/Second

    Connecting Multiplayer Mode in Split/Second is not so hard job. You can simply do it in few simple steps. Anyways, here is how:

    First run the game and select Online from the Main Menu options. Once you are in the Online menu you need to choose your preference that is Public Game or Private Game. Difference is in Public Game tracks will be selected automatically. Here you can also select Game modes of your choice. And in Private Game you need to be invited by anyone to play it online.

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    Re: How to Play Multiplayer Mode on Split/Second

    In Split / Second Velocity you can enjoy both offline, split screen sharing with our friends, or online against other players. In simple word split screen sharing means to play on the same system with two players.

    The above mentioned step is for playing it online. To play it in Split Screen mode, you just need to choose Split Screen from the Main Menu Option. Now select the Game Mode, Track and start playing. Make sure that you have two controllers connected.

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    Re: How to Play Multiplayer Mode on Split/Second

    Thanks for the tips, friends. I was really searching to play in multiplayer mode. I also heard somewhere that by choose the screen orientation from the Main Menu option, i can also adjust the Split Screen orientation. I meant orientation to horizontal from vertical. I haven't tried it yet, but if it is like that than its really great. It is a race against crowning the best scorer.

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