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Thread: Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

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    Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

    I really like Metro 2033, and I will only really play through it if I am having God mode on and on the unlimited ammo and money. Normally I do not like this but I need this, may be some one can help me. I have changed the “g_god” and the “g_ unlimitedammo” to ON in almost each and every cfg files. Can you help me with the Metro 2033 Cheat Woes.

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    Re: Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

    In any of the case I have got it working in the end. I have discovered some games are fun to play through regardless and other not so much. I like to play Metro 2033 only because of the graphics of the game and one more thing I have paid £24.99 for this game. Cheats will only thrust me through it. I am the only one who feels this way.
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    Re: Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

    According to me this takes the fun out of it, if you kept get killed over and over again and then it just becomes frustrating.

    When I get super frustrated with any of the levels then the next thing I do is to use cheats, and after clearing that level remove them. Most of the time I do it when I feel bored and jus want to complete the level.

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    Re: Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

    I have re-installed the game and got the trainer working. I think the problem is because I have enabled the “no reload” from the trainer’s functions, which crashes the game every time I am using the sniper rifle or shotgun. Now I am not using that function, from then the trainer is working in a perfect manner.

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    Re: Metro 2033 Cheat Woes

    I am trying to disable the Anti-Aliasing that is g_supersampling but it look that whenever I try to run the game, it turns it back on may be because of the option is set very high. But I set it to read only I can avoid this problem. I think that I disable the Anti-Aliasing, I can compensate for the additional FPS by re-enabling the DirectX 11.

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