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Thread: Dead Space Save Game

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    Dead Space Save Game

    I have done a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate. I need someone to provide with the Dead Space Save Game. Actually, I had completed this game to many stages. The problem is that I did not take the backup of the games. So, it would have been a great help if I could get the save games file of this game. I am felling lazy to play the game all from the start.

    All possible replies and suggestions on this topic are appreciated. Thank you for all your help in advance.

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    Re: Dead Space Save Game

    It seems that the only solution to your issue is to play the game again because i do not think that there is any technique to get these Dead Space Save Game. Well, if anyone might be playing this game, then the user will have to compress the file and send to you. I am not playing the game and thus, cannot provide any help. I guess you will be having a hard time to find the users who are playing this game.

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    Re: Dead Space Save Game

    Hello there, I was browsing through the internet collecting all possible information regarding this particular game and found out that there are many Dead Space Save Game files provided there.

    So, you have the required solution. Just make sure to read the comments and download the correct files accordingly. I wish you all the best.

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    Re: Dead Space Save Game

    You can get back the Dead Space Save Game files from your system with the help of a tool called "recover my files". You will have specify the file types that you want to recover from the particular drive. Also, the required option that must be selected is that "recently formatted drive". This will recover all the lost files from your system. Just save you files to a new destination and then move the same to the system game files.

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    Re: Dead Space Save Game

    One point to be remembered while using the Recover My Files software for getting back the Dead Space Save Game files is to get the latest version of this software. This is because you will get all the new features and improved search results in the newer versions. Also, it will be compatible with the Windows 7 operating system that you are using. If the operating system blocks the application from running, then use the Run as Administrator option.

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