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Thread: Arsenal mod for stalker

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    Arsenal mod for stalker

    Hi there, I recently heard a bit more about the arsenal mod in STALKER. It appears pretty wonderful. I only got one problem. I was able to find this. And there are many downloads based on the same. I had downloaded all and combined the same through Oblivion Lost mod. I am unable to get that arsenal mode in the game. I had tried the same a number of time but it is not working. I need some help here to make it work.

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    The latest version of Arsenal RC1 can be found easily on the same. You have to find and install the Arsenal RC1 patch. And this will be really helpful to you. Remember that there are different translation pack which are needed. You can try using a set of different packs one by one and I am quiet sure that it will really help you in fixing the issue. There are various blogs where you can find installation related information on the same.

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