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Thread: Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

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    Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

    Actually I am planning to buy this game because my sister is requesting for this game but I though why not to get information on this game. According to me it will better to get information of this game and approximate price of this Blast Factor game. This information will help to get the best out of it. Means I get this game at the best price and little knowledge of this game will enhance the experience of gaming.

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    Re: Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

    Maybe you are idea is to buy this PS3 Blast Factor game. But according to me this game is not of that quality. I have already bought this Blast Factor game but it is not good as per my expectation. In comparison playing Geometry Wars Retro Evolved will be a better option. Geomoetry Wars is still a lot more fun compared to Blast Factor game.

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    Re: Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

    The gameplay in Blast Factor is similar to Geometry Wars but it comes with Smash TV's approach of level sequence. In its place of clearing paths through the group of enemies to put your foes right where you want them, Blast Factor has you sloping the Sixaxis to send a trembling across the screen, approaching enemies into a curve of the hexagonal playing field. This is a cool design, and works beautifully well, but at times I sent a trembling in the wrong course, infrequently with catastrophic results; the trembling can push enemies into your ship, and so it will if you don't get out of the way.
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    Re: Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

    I will try to explain the overall quality of this game by giving the point to its different parts of this game.
    For graphics and sound this game receives 4/10. Story is similar to the other game so for the story it receives a 2/10. Game play receives good point which is 8/10 and for replay it receives 7/10. Hence over all score goes to 5/10 approximately

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    Re: Planning to buy Blast Factor game.

    The approximate price of this game ranges from $7.99 to $9.99. According to me this is an average game to play the story line is similar to other game and it includes nothing new. But if you want to buy this game then it is not a bad choice to go for. I will suggest you to try this game.

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