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Thread: Bad company 2 unplayable

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    Bad company 2 unplayable

    I have recently bought the Bad company 2 which i thought will be enjoyable as i have reviewed about but Bad company 2 unplayable as i am trying to play the same and it freezes and flicker but could not load the game. I have also set the graphic to the low resolution hoping that this can be the issue but that also does not solve the problem. so finally decide to take help from here. Advice me what to do as i have the original DVD of the game. Thank you

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    Re: Bad company 2 unplayable

    Hi, You did not mention the configuration of your that will be easier for us to understand the exact problem and give you the proper solution for the same. But any ways have you checked the for the drivers of the system. Update the driver of the system with the latest one as some of the game require to run on latest graphic driver. Also slow down the speed of the game and then try to run the game again. Hope this will resolve your issue.

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    Re: Bad company 2 unplayable

    Is this is the problem with the other games also which are not running good with the 3D games on your system. If this happens then i think that the problem is mainly with the Graphic card,. If you have Graphic card then check whether the Bad Company 2 is compatible with the same or satisfying the Graphic requirement for the same. Also try to update the driver of the same to work with the same.

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    Re: Bad company 2 unplayable

    I am having the exactly the same problem with the Bad Company 2 as i have played the game the demo version. So i have install the same to enjoy it fully but after installing the game i have tried to play but it freezes in between the game. And i have tried to take the help from the EA forum but they also does not helped me with the same. So if you got any thing to work with it the also let me know the same.

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    Re: Bad company 2 unplayable

    Hey i have got some info about the same as this issue is faced by the number of the People and can not be played. As this is the issue of the Server which is not responding for the game and the people who are playing are getting the Freeze issue. EA are in way to resolve the issue but not sure that how much time they will take to resolve the same.

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