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Thread: batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

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    batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

    Whenever I can start the Batman: Arkham Asylum game on my computer system, That time I get this kinds of an error : "SecuLauncher : failed to start application [9000]". Now I am using the Windows XP as operating system. So, I want to resolve this error. Can anyone help me to solve it?? Please Reply Me!!!!

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    Re: batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

    Hi, I had also faced this problems when I installed the game on my computer system. I had searched a lot on the internet but I can not found anything that can help's me resolve this problem. So, I had uninstalled the game Batman Arkham Asylum. Although, I providing you the following link for your convenience, Try It!!!
    Batman Arkham Asylum Error 9000 solution

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    Re: batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

    If you are facing the problem or error 9000, then I can suggest you to simply go on to the link that can I providing you at the end an can download that dll file on your computer and place that dll filr into your system directory folder that can be located in the windows folder. c:/windows/system. I hope this can help for you to solve your problem.
    dll file

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    Re: batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

    It can be possible that the installation of the Batman : Arkham Asylum game can be completed with some errors due to which you can be facing a problem with Batman : Arkham Asylum. So, I can advise that you must have to first uninstall the game and then again load the same. Make sure that you do not run any other applications and programs in the background, that is while installing the game.

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    Re: batman arkham asylum error 9000 solution

    I guess that your system requirements can not be supporting your Game Batman: Arkham Asylum and that's why you are facing this problem. While searching on the Internet I can find the following recommended requirement for the Batman: Arkham Asylum game as follows and can cross checked with you configuration :
    Recommended System Requirements :
    1. OS : Windows XP Sp2/Vista Sp1
    2. Processor : Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz processor family/Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (required for MP host)
    3. Memory : 2 GB RAM
    4. Hard Drive : 12 GB
    5. Video Memory : graphics card with 512MB (SM 3.0). NVidia 8600 GTS or ATI HD 2900 XT.
    6. Sound Card : DX9.0c compliant
    7. DirectX : 9.0C
    8. *Internet : Broadband (768kbit/sec upstream required to host 16 players)
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