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Thread: Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

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    Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

    I wanted to know about the game "Dragon Slaughter", which i have heared that there is a new version release for Iphone. If anybody is having this game then please provide the information on this game and also i want some user review and this game is not for free. I wanted to have it on my phone as i know that it is the best strategic game. So please help me out with this game.

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    Re: Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

    This is a fantasy strategy game in which you are the Great Wizard who needs to defeat the evil Dragon King and seal it to end the chaos. You have the crystal tower which is the only weapon by which you have to defeat the demons. This game is enhanced by element stones with 5 different powers: Fire, Water, Poison, Nature, Light. Each tower can be configured with maximum three stones. In this game there will be a special skills for combinations of different stones, like Double Damage, Splash Attack, Poison… etc. You can use them wisely to maximize your attack power .

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    Re: Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

    Just go through the features of this game.
    1. It has a Life time free upgrade.
    2. It has the feature of Zoom in&out .
    3. In this game fantastic magic effects which is powered by particle system.
    4. It has ten different maps with two playing modes.
    5. In this game you can have the combination list for a quick reference.
    6. It provides the internet ranking list by which you can compete with the world for the highest score.
    7. It has three difficulties for players of all levels.
    8. You can Pause and resume or autosave game when a call coming in.

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    Re: Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

    In this new version V2.1 of this game has included two new maps, it has new monster: the dragon king and also the new game AI which helps to have this game easier for beginner. I use this game and i have found that this game is a great game for playing in the meantime when you are free. It includes your creativity and inteligence by which you can have good score. hope this helps you out.

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    Re: Dragon Slaughter game for Iphone

    You can get this game form application store for only $0.99. which is under discount. It is a great tower defense type game which includes your new ideas and also with some RPG elements, it also has amazing graphics and sound effects. You can have this game on your phone by visiting itunes on your computer and download on the cheap rate to have best gaming experiance in your iphone.
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