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Thread: Wii update error 32007

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    Wii update error 32007


    I would like some help on the updates to the Wii, I have to connect to the Internet and when I want to start the update of the Wii first time I was told that error code 32007, while in the manual of the Wii there is nothing related to this error code so I would advice to remedy this problem. Thank you in advance

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    Re: Wii update error 32007

    Nintendo should take a further step against this error 32007 as this update implements more security methods for installing the homebrew channel and pirating of wiiware and VC. In addition this update will make changes to the Shop Channel, especially to adapt to future DSi, which uses the same "Nintendo Points" to purchase content.

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    Re: Wii update error 32007

    Wireless routers usually have a variety of channels ranging from 1 to 11. Try to channel your router to 1 or 11 and try to connect. Check the settings for delivery of your router to see if set to "G", "B" or "Mixed." Mixed typically works best, but try them all to see if it improves the network connection to the Wii console. Make sure another device, such as microwave ovens or cordless phone, which can cause interference, are lit. Keyboards and wireless mouse can also cause interference.

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    Re: Wii update error 32007

    The same problem arises for me too. In combination or alternating with 32002. In the two mentioned contributions I found no solution to the problem. I have made a connection to my wireless, it starts to download the update and after about 30 seconds then comes 32002 or 32007. A channel switch on the router, I've tried unsuccessfully.

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    Re: Wii update error 32007

    The standard steps to configure Wii on the router :
    1.WLAN Set
    a) Setting the SSID (name of the WLAN)
    b) transfer mode (802.11g +802.11 b [mixed])
    c) Channel Set

    2. Activate WPA
    a) WPA/WPA2 with Prey-shared key
    Under Setting
    b) 8-16 numbers and password, including dashes.

    3. Enter data in the Wii
    a) Options Wii> Wii Settings
    b) Internet
    c) Connection Settings-> Connection 1
    Press Enter
    d) Wireless Connection> Search for an Access Point-> Enter Password

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    Re: Wii update error 32007

    In fact it is not complicated: If your connection test does not fail: check one box / router is turned on (if you have more). Reboot your box / router, as expect that it should be restarted. Stop the accessories that passes radition (microwave, TV wireless mouse / wireless keyboard, etc.) restart the Wii and run again the update.

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