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Thread: fifa in windows 7

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    fifa in windows 7

    hello ..

    after i installed fifa 09 and fifa manager 2010..
    in my new windows 7

    it wont start..
    after double click or i press open..
    whenever I start the game, I get a black screen for 2 seconds and then, I get back on the desktop

    i tried the 'trouble shoot compatibility'..
    but still same..

    but i can play devil may cry 4 n other games...

    plz help me...
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    Re: fifa in windows 7

    Have you tried running it in comptability mode? You need to go into play back devices then properties then advanced, under the advanced tab change the sound bit rate till you get it running. In order to get rid of your issue, you need to check out the below links mentioned.

    Problem with fifa 09 in windows 7

    Fifa 2010 won't open in Windows 7

    Fifa 10 in Windows 7 not working

    Fifa 2009 won't open in Windows 7

    FIFA 10 Graphics and multiplayer support for windows 7

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    Re: fifa in windows 7

    You should definitely try it in compatible mode, this make a big difference. Have you checked you video card? See if there is an error with the video card while you are start fifa 09 and fifa 2010. And if it detect an video card error then you have to buy a new video card, so that you can run your game uninterruptedly. Or first you can try downloading a fresh copy of fifa and then install it, remember while removing the game for you computer, be sure that you remove the configuration files too. And then do a fresh install with all the new configuration files.
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