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Thread: left 4 dead 2 save game needed

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    left 4 dead 2 save game needed

    Hello, I have a very nice computer build which runs this game Left 4 Dead 2 perfectly. Recently, my pc got crashed and due to which I had to reformat it and install a new OS. I installed Windows XP and later found out that I have lost all files, installed games, even the save game that automatically saves in C: Folder of the hard drive. Now that I dont want to play the game from start so can anyone give me any of their save game file of left 4 dead 2 pc game, it would be appreciated. Thank you

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    Re: left 4 dead 2 save game needed

    I am afraid if same tragedy happened to me and now I am also in search of Left for Dead 2 save game file. Prior to this I also found out that during a map in LFD4 we cant save a game but we can start a campaign by hosting multi player locally or at any of the 3-4 maps in single player. If you play multiplayer the you will have to grab a group of people that you want to play with and then the leader will open the console and type map to scan a no. of map list and in single player you can just select map to start on from the menu without much of the trouble.

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    Re: left 4 dead 2 save game needed

    I was also wondering how to save game in left for dead 2 in single player mode and also once it is saved then how to load the game back. I read somewhere that I cannot save game in mid way through a campaign and the game will be automatically saved when we finish one of the map. I hope that if anyone knows about a trick on how to bypass and save game whenever we want, all will be good.
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    Re: left 4 dead 2 save game needed

    Some of the guys from gaminglan website were sharing Left 4 Dead game save files and profiles and you can also share your Save files by Uploading to a file hosting website and giving the link there as a comment. I dont know how much that site can be trusted but you can give it a try if you want. Hope that helps.

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