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Thread: USB Joystick Issue on Windows Vista

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    USB Joystick Issue on Windows Vista

    I had been running Windows Vista on my system. Now the problem is that Sega Rally 2 allows me to configure my usb joystick, but when I start a practice game the joystick is unresponsive. Is this because it's not a game port joystick or is it simply something. Can any one tell me that why i'm having USB Joystick issue on Windows Vista? Does any body knows about it? Kindly help me out to resolve the above issue. Thanks.

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    Re: USB Joystick Issue on Windows Vista

    What is the brand and type of the joystick? You can try (and really should!) installing the latest version of sdlmame. I recommend you switch to a program called "Switchblade". You have to download a few other Microsoft programs besides it, but it has presets, like CS and COD4. Used to be free, but apparently not so. You can always try the trial though.

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    Re: USB Joystick Issue on Windows Vista

    Did you try the USB game controller setup on your Windows Vista? ust type "USB Game" in the Start menu's instant search, and then click the top result in the list that appears. Problem affects whole CH Products USB device line, but it's already reported at linux-usb-users so maybe someone will do something about it.

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    Re: USB Joystick Issue on Windows Vista

    There is NO problem detecting the joystick or using the buttons. However, the analog axis seems to only work on the configuration program. I've compiled SDLMame version 0.128u2 which adds support for Ubuntu 8.10. Now my gamepad works fine even without using the "-joystick" option. All the other applications don't seem to be able to use it even though they recognize it and acknowledge the buttons.

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