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Thread: RROD In xbox360: What Exactly It Is ? Red Ring of Death ?

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    RROD In xbox360: What Exactly It Is ? Red Ring of Death ?

    Hi friends, I want to buy xbox360 video game console from Microsoft for playing games. But, I have got information from my friend that it will give me problem of RROD while using it. I am not able to know what exactly RROD is? Can anyone give me brief explanation of it? Please give me reply as soon as possible. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you in Advance.

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    Re: RROD In xbox360: What Exactly It Is?

    Hi, You don't know about RROD? It simply stands for Red Rings Of Death. Basically Xbox 360 had encountered many problems since the development of it from its release in 2005. To solve the problem of customers from this defective consoles, Microsoft has extended the Xbox 360's manufacturer's warranty to three years, if you are getting "General Hardware Failure" error report. This error can be caught by three quadrants of the ring around the power button flashing red. Which is your "Red Rings of Death". To solve these problems Microsoft modified its console to improve its reliability. It includes modifications such as reduction in the number, size, and placement of different parts of console. Basically it is an overheating issue in the chipset of the Xbox 360 video console provided by the Microsoft. But, you can buy it, as it can be cured and now it is not giving that much RROD problem as it given at starting days.

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    Re: RROD In xbox360: What Exactly It Is?

    Hello, you want to know about xbox360 RROD? Xbox 360's video game console provides three red lights on the ring which is indication of an error- "internal problem requiring service". This error is called as "Red Ring of Death" or "Red Lights of Death". It also gives some other error such as discs scratched in the drive. Due to this problem of RROD, Microsoft's xbox360 had fail to make the customers as Sony and Nintendo as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles. But, after that Microsoft made different modifications in that and now it is providing 3 years warranty period for the failure of it. So, now it is safe to use it and the rate of RROD has been minimized mostly.

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    Re: RROD In xbox360: What Exactly It Is?

    Hi, A video game console is simply modified computer which is used to produce a video display signal and that signal is used by display device to display a video game. Video game console is specially designed system for playing different quality games. One of the Video game console provided by Microsoft for Seventh Generation is xbox360 video game console. But, it fails to make profit to microsoft due to its major flaw of RROD which stand for red rings of death. This is error get by user when Xbox360 gets over heathed. At that time three red light blinks which is termed as Red Rings Of Death. To solve this problem and to improve selling rate Microsoft extend 3yrs warranty for RROD problem. Now, there are many solution to solve this problem, which are provided by Microsoft itself and some are provided by the customers, who are not only the users but also the inventors.

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