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Thread: Resident Evil 5 Control Scheme error

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    Resident Evil 5 Control Scheme error

    I have installed Resident Evil 5, it was playing well till two days back. But now it displays an error as Control Scheme Changed to Controller. I have no idea why is this error messaged displayed when I launch the game. This is error is displayed on the movement of mouse when the game starts. The error is displayed in the top-left of my View Sonic monitor. I am using Windows Vista and Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I have installed new I-Ball USB Keyboard and Mouse. Also provide me the system requirements for Resident Evil 5.
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    Re: Resident Evil 5 Control Scheme error

    The issue seems to be with your I-Ball keyboard and mouse. You would have been presented with an I-Ball CD to install the necessary keyboard and mouse drivers. Try to re-install those drivers as it might that some drivers are missing or corrupted. Try to use another keyboard or mouse to check if you are still facing the same issue. I faced a similar king of issue in GTA- San Andreas. For me it was the keyboard that was not functioning properly and had to be replaced.
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    Re: Resident Evil 5 Control Scheme error

    My suggestion would be re install the Resident Evil 5 game again. My HP computer used to give some unusual error while playing Arma 2. Even when I clicked the left mouse button then my right mouse button controls would get activated. I though it was a problem with my keyboard, but when I re installed the game and it worked for me. Try to re install Resident Evil 5.

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    Re: Resident Evil 5 Control Scheme error

    Here are the system requirements for Resident Evil V:
    It is well supported on Windows Vista operating system that runs on Intel Core 2 Duo processor or for better performance use Intel Quad Core Processor / AMD Phenom X4 or better. Use a video card of 512 MB or more, preferably NVIDIA GeForce 9800. It requires a RAM support of 2 Giga-Byte or more. It would need a 8 GB hard drive space.

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