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Thread: Minimum System Configuration for Company of Heroes

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    Minimum System Configuration for Company of Heroes

    I am using a Windows XP on Intel Dual Core. My PC consist of 512 RAM, 40 GB Hard drive. I have a onboard graphics of 128MB. I have never used my PC for playing games. But now I am looking forward to play games on my PC. I have been given a Company of Heroes games. Can anyone tell me what are the system requirements for it? What is this game exactly about?

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    Re: Minimum System Configuration for Company of Heroes

    Most of the mentioned system configuration of your PC are fine.
    Check out following are the basic requirements of Graphics and Memory which you might need to add to play "Company of Heroes" :

    Graphic Card:
    Minimum: NVIDIA GeForce3.
    Recommended: NVIDIA GeForce 6800.


    Minimum: 512MB.
    Recommended: 1024 MB (1GB).

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    Re: Minimum System Configuration for Company of Heroes

    You might need to plug in a new Graphic Card. Also your systems memory need to be upgraded.
    You require atleast Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz(3.0 Ghz recommemded). You require a memory of atleast 512MB(1GB recommemded). If you are purchasing a new RAM try the DDR3. Although the minimum graphic requirement is 64MB but 256MB is recommemded for better graphics. The Hard disk space required is 6500 MB.
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    Re: Minimum System Configuration for Company of Heroes

    Company of Heroes is published by THQ. Developers of this game are Relic. It is based on the World War 2. It is a real time strategy game. It highlights the voyage of the brave men of the Able Company as the fought their way across Europe. The Able Company must land on Normandy Beach and shoot their way across the French teritory against waves of Germans. There are 15 missions to enjoy and each come attached with a cutscene and briefing to aid the player to progress the storyline.

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