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Thread: Where to get cheats for Burnout Paradise

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    Where to get cheats for Burnout Paradise

    I am looking for Cheats of a popular game called Burnout Paradise. the game is about a vehicle racing in a city. I had cleared many levels but not able to end up soon. The Burnout series has always been the best racing game for arcade gamers. It is fast, exciting and with real crashes. Unlike the previous Burnout's, there is Burnout Paradise for only a selectable range and this goes by the name 'Paradise City'. With some 70 hot carts you have to cope with up to 120 different lights special challenges to conquer Paradise City. Most of the time you are so busy to take part in races. It will be great if anyone can post some cheats for the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Where to get cheats for Burnout Paradise

    If you have the Big Surf Iceland extension, you can unlock in the following cars: Dust Storm Super Turbo - Dust Storm wins the Burning Route, Street Rod - bring your license on the island 100%, 88 Special Toy - finds every 75 Iceland Smashes and Toy Bootlegger - creates all 15 Iceland Mega Jumps. Complete a 750 yard drift inside the Inspiral Car Park (Bronze) - creates a 750 yard drift in the Inspiral Car Park. Complete all 10 Iceland Freeburn Challenges (Silver) - creates all Freeburn Challenges on the island. Complete your first tour Iceland (bronze) - makes a tour around the island. Drive through 20 Iceland Smash Gates (Bronze) - ride by 20 orange gates. Find all Events Iceland (bronze) - finds all 15 events on the island. Jump through Deese's Donut (Bronze) - creates the Mega Jump by Deese's Donut. Country 5 Iceland Mega Jumps (Bronze) - creates five mega jumps on the island. Iceland Smash 15 Billboards (Silver) - 15 billboards destroyed. Smash all 45 billboards Iceland (Silver) - destroyed every 45 billboards

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    Re: Where to get cheats for Burnout Paradise

    These trophies can only be with the Toy Car enlargement earn. Barrel roll a Toy Car in the Airfield - makes one with a Toy Car barrel roll on the Airfield. Complete a Bike Timed Challenge using the Toy Bike - creates a Timed Challenge with Toy Bike. Win a race in a Toy Car - win an offline race with a Toy Car. If you have paradise in the police car, then press the L3 button (pressing the left analog stick) once, then go blue lights and sirens on, then press L3 a little longer, comes another siren sound.

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    Re: Where to get cheats for Burnout Paradise

    If you experience any problems with the reward, "Full steam ahead!" (20s-boost series did), then an online race with no traffic starts, ride on I-88 and boost your until the doctor comes. If you want to tap a French sponsored car in the German version, you have to your system language set to French and typing the following in "under the hood" menu in the sponsor product code menu (next to last page) code: H211 1Z99 LZ00 00BB. If you want the 3-fold barrel roll got done ", you have to jump into the old quarry from above!

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