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Thread: CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start

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    CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start

    I am running windows xp on my computer and 1 gb ati 4870 and 2 gb ram. I can play all high configuration game on my system but whenever i try to play CoD 4 multiplayer it crashes after 10 minute and i have notice that iw3mp.exe process also caches after some time.

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    Re: CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start

    iw3mp.exe is not a Microsoft Windows operating system executable file, it stands for infinity ward 3 multiplyer.execute. This error comes when windows records any software and hardware problem when you install, update, or uninstall anything on your pc.

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    Re: CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start

    There are some issues running CoD 4 multiplayer on some graphics cards. Restart your computer and update graphic drivers. Reinstall your game(COD4 Multiplayer), and do all above as well. If you are running the game from a secondary partition, download the latest BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer.

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    Re: CoD 4 multiplayer doesn't start

    Have you patched the game all the way up to the latest version? Sounds like the multiplayer exe file is corrupted or something and also try to reinstall driver for sound cards and also updated the drivers for audio then re-installed the game and delete the file located in Programfiles/Activision/Call Of Duty 4/Miles and delete a file called mssmp3.asi... delete or rename..

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