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Thread: Play PS3 Games on PC

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    Play PS3 Games on PC

    Is it possible to Play PS3 Games on PC? I have downloaded some free games for PS3 but i don't have a PS3. It is possible to play these games on PC or convert it to a PC playable format? Please reply guys...

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    Re: Play PS3 Games on PC

    You cannot play PS3 Games on PC, You PC will show the PS3 dvd as data dvd and you wont be able to play it. The game formats of PS3 is different from what can be executed on PC and also the compilation process is different. So you cannot play those downloaded games on your PC. Dump them...!

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    Re: Play PS3 Games on PC

    You can play games on any video game console on your PC if you have an emulator for it. And till now i haven't heard about PS3 emulator...

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    Re: Play PS3 Games on PC

    You wont be able to play it smoothly through Emulator. Even PSP games don't run through emulator.

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