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Thread: Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238

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    Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238


    My xbox 360 does not stream media to my 360 or PS3 anymore. It works a bit if I restart the pc and but I can just play music, but if I try to load a video, most of the time it says, "The connection to the host PC was lost - 53-COODF238" I doubt this is an issue with my server or 360, because I can stream HD Divx/Xvid videos using WMP11 and Windows Media Center with no issues. Anyone else had this problem, and any suggestions?

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    Re: Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238

    Your problem is more like what the error code says computer connection was lost. I suspect the router is "intermittent". You can check the manufacturers website for a firmware update, if it is confirmed that is the router. if so, your PC must also prove that a "network cable is unplugged". anything else you might try is to change the console to a different port, if you have other open. the existing port could go wrong.

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    Re: Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238

    If you have the option, and you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you try with a wired connection, just as a test, and see if you get different results.It might have to do with the no-files-shared policy of public networks. I don't have much idea about it,

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    Re: Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238

    Try the following steps to eradicate your problem :

    1.Open a command prompt (be sure to right click and select "Run as administrator" or receive a "System error 5. Access is denied." Error. You can do this by right clicking on the file here C: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe)
    2.Type net stop winmgmt. If you are warned about other services stop just type Y to continue.
    3. At the command prompt, type del% SystemRoot% \ System32 \ WBEM \ Repository to remove this folder and all its contents
    5.Once the system has rebooted, open a command prompt and type net localgroup administrators NetworkService / ADD

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    Re: Xbox 360 error code 53-C00DF238

    I ran across this problem trying to stream from Windows Vista Windows Media Player 11 to my X-Box 360. After a few hours on the phone we finally figured out the problem. For some odd reason the Media Players library got corrupted, like it was caught in a jam. I went to the start menu and to run - typed " services ". I then searched for the file "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Device " I double clicked it and then stopped the program from running and clicked apply. I closed the program and went to start and run again and typed " %localappdata% " and enter. Look for the "Microsoft folder " and open it. Then look for the media player folder and open it. Delete all the files in this folder and close. Open Windows Media Player and let the database download again. Lastly shutdown all computers, router, modem , xbox 360 and reboot everything. Go back to the "services" and ensure your wmp network sharing is started. If so go ahead and close it. Start X-BOX 360 and attempt to play videos or music. This worked for me!! Good Luck!

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