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Thread: Video Issue Compatibility, DirectX?

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    Video Issue Compatibility, DirectX?

    Hello friends,

    I need your help.I've been looking to play this old game that was for Windows 95, and I currently run Windows XP on my computer. Well, it gives me fascinating experience except when I get into animation. Once any animation starts soon i will get a black screen. I altered the compatibility to Windows 95 and 98, but that doesn't seem to work.Any one who got any idea?

    advance thanks for nice replies

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    Re: Video Issue Compatibility, DirectX?

    Video drivers are probably the troublemaker, check direct X as well to find out whats up.Update your drivers and DX if it's not fully updated.If it still won't on run then the game is probably defaulting to a resolution that your card won't run, or using shades that it can't do.Solution for that is to add the command safe to the shortcut command line, that will start the game in safe mode without some of the glitz effects and let you to tweak settings to get it running correctly.

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    Re: Video Issue Compatibility, DirectX?

    Have you plugged in the auxiliary power connectors? You require a 600W+ power supply capable of outputting 26A on the +12V rail for an 8800GTBlack screen errors are mostly due to the video card drivers so double check if the drivers are up to date.See altering the compatibility mode to an earlier operating system helps, say Windows 95 . Also, ensure you install all applicable game patches

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    Re: Video Issue Compatibility, DirectX?

    The only fix that I know of would be to install windows 95 or 98.If you have an ancient computer to do that on then that would be the prime option but if you don't then you can always use Microsoft virtual PC (it's the first program from Microsoft that actually works).I'm in to the process of installing windows 98 on a very old computer just for the sake of playing some of these games that I am missing badly

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