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Thread: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars PSP Preview

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    Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars PSP Preview

    After the Nintendo DS, it's the turn of the portable Sony PSP to host GTA Chinatown Wars. We could get a first look and play this iteration sees a real urban warfare in the palm of your hand.

    License deserves much more than many others the inevitable qualifier, GTA DS were added to the long list of platforms that hosted one of his opus with the release of Chinatown Wars in March 2009. On a portable console to another, there is no doubt that that the developers at Rockstar are about to end October with the launch of the adaptation of this title on PSP. At first sight, and rightly so, the differences between the two versions are minimal. Moreover, as a prelude to the presentation, representatives from development studio for the event have said that philosophy Chinatown Wars would be more "arcade" that the opus out on home consoles. Also note that the graphics and game mechanics, it is far enough from both strands of the series already out on PSP, Liberty City Stories sympathetic and Vice City Stories. Incidentally, we were promised a few new missions and six radio stations but unpublished map on which the action takes place and the general treatment of the game are exactly the same as DS. In fact, rendering the screen goes back a little to the origins of the series, when driving his car through the maze of streets of a megalopolis to the top. But apart from the camera chosen by developers, it is mechanical in very comparable to GTA "modern", understand the accomplishment of missions that combine driving and shooting in a particularly open.

    Regarding the tasks, we tasted two of them. The first, entitled "Driven to Destruction" required the main character Huang Lee, while he leads his passenger eliminated machine gun members of groups of men belonging to triads enemy who tried to appropriate their land. Nothing very complicated because in addition to having a rather gifted shooter, you could roll over the enemies and shoot them. The key, of course, was to keep the vehicle in good enough condition to be able to reach the end of this mission rehearsal. The quick action was essential. Another level called "Deadly Win" was much more fun because it revolved around the preferred vehicle of all nag who play GTA: Rhino. After getting the tank, he was to sow chaos and destruction in the cars pounding law enforcement officials trying to stop us. And once our search index had indeed increased, we received a mail from our sponsor that we ordered to get rid of the tank. Easier said than done since the police did not take long to send helicopters and that if the Rhino is very strong, it is neither fast nor particularly agile. So it was a target of choice.

    In this firstLook, we will remove an impression rather positive due to two distinct advantages of the PSP version compared to its DS counterpart. Firstly, the design is thinner. The aliasing effects which give the appearance of straight stairs to feel less on mobile than on the Sony, Nintendo. They are still visible but they spend more. Another advantage of Chinatown Wars for the PSP ergonomics. The console more like a joystick, it feels more "inside" and is adopted more quickly and efficiently conduct casting on the DS. Of course, we'll talk about all this at an upcoming test that will accompany this release scheduled for October 23, 2009.

    Before leaving, we specify find in this version an adaptation of mini-games on DS. We have not had the opportunity to test, but according to members of Rockstar present, use the stylus will be replaced by combination's of keys. We'll focus in particular on this aspect during the same test.

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    Re: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars PSP Preview

    I would love if you can provide me with the reviews of the following games as well. I am planning to buy and play them in near future. So just need some help. Thank you in advance.
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