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Thread: Oberon Media Game Launcher\Vista Game Launcher

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    Oberon Media Game Launcher\Vista Game Launcher

    I am having trouble with Oberon Games Launcher as many others seem to. It seemed to work fine until I got some windows updates and firewall demos. I have removed the built in games launcher and and have downloaded demos from I-Play games. All demo files are slightly larger as they come with the console software but they still do not load. I get the same message stating "Games Launcher has stopped working".

    The windows report is
    Fault bucket 1387058521, type 1
    Event Name: APPCRASH
    Response: None
    Cab Id: 0

    The problem may be that there is a conflict between Windows and Oberon Media as it does not recognise the signature of the software in IE8.
    The problem file is ntdll.dll and this is a system 32 file and should not be altered.
    I have tried exercising tools permissions for signatures in IE8 but this has little effect. I have reset Windows Data Execution for both options and restarted but this changes nothing. There is no further settings in Vista that should cause this problem.

    One game managed to work but the game programme disabled the desktop windows manager in vista. I do not know how to do this manually.
    Previous searches of the same problem indicate and suggest to reinstall the software. If you know of any other solutions to this common problem please write back.

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    Re: Oberon Media Game Launcher\Vista Game Launcher

    I found the recipie writhen by a girl named Catherine. She wrote it 11-9 2008.
    I found it by Google, and i choose to translate it before printing. Iīm sorry that i canīt help you more, but as you can see, am i not very solid in english, so a translation from danish wouldnīt be a great help.
    Good hunt

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