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Thread: Runescape account hacker

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    Runescape account hacker

    My runescape account is hacked. it is really bad thing to do take some one runescape account the person will go to hell . i want a Runescape account hacker .i want to know how can i hack my runescape account back . is there a way he also please i want my account back .
    Thanks for the help .

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    Re: Runescape account hacker

    Go to the recovery center and recover the account at: RuneScape A account can hack by a keylogger it is the most common way do a anti virus scan if it is been used and to remove it .

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    Re: Runescape account hacker

    First thing you should do is to recover your account by doing this : go to recover password in the account management section and keep a track with the track recovery .

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    Re: Runescape account hacker

    We don't take about how to hack or hacking application in techarena forum . you can get ban from the forum if you do .

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