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Thread: Where to download Wii conveter

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    Where to download Wii conveter

    I had received a Wii in a gift. It is gaming device like playstation. The gaming experience is awesome. It is a kind of a home video game console which is launched by Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation. It is launched in comparison of the other gaming devices. Now the other thing are fine but I want to know that does this device is capable of playing video files. Like DVD or CD movies. I do not think that it can play a Blu ray but what about the traditional DVD movies. Is there any particular software which can enable DVD play in it. And when I connect the Wii to my TV it gives out black and white screen. Then while I press any buttons from the remote a crackle sound comes at every press. Any suggestions really appreciated.

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    Re: Where to download Wii conveter

    Will game console will not directly play any DVD movie file. That is because you need a converter which can convert the video to proper format that Wii can read. It cannot identify a traditional disk format. The convert is call Wii Video 9. It is a free ware tool provided by Red Kawa. Built especially for the Wii device it converts all types video files like avi, divx, mpeg, etc to the Wii format. The software works with Videora. Videora is a different application that a type of download manager which automatically download and convert video.

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    Re: Where to download Wii conveter

    You can download the software from the official site of Red kawa. It is a freeware tool and supports multiple format. Directly Wii cannot play any audio and video disc. It is a windows based application. The gui mode is easy to use and gives full functionality. The converter tool is Wii enabled. You will also need Videora for this. But it takes a long time to convert a entire dvd to a Wii. Then making a disc out of it or play it directly from your computer.

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    Re: Where to download Wii conveter

    The problem comes out when you first time connect your Wii to the TV or VCR. You will have to follow a step by step guide to setup a proper connection. Then double check the connection settings and always ensure that the input is selected for the TV or VCR. The problem is specifically related to the connection problem. For the noise from your remote do this. Press the home button and select the Wii Remote settings. Press + and - to increase or decrease the volume. Change the battery if necessary.

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