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Thread: MAG: Massive Action Game GC Preview

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    MAG: Massive Action Game GC Preview

    Now an essential component of FPS (even Bioshock 2 do it), the multiplayer is the reason for MAG. All the efforts of the development studio are in fact look to it to offer the player a gaming experience of both different and exciting. To achieve this, it is at a sufficiently strategic gameplay in which you are facing. But before describing what MAG is different from many other FPS multiplayer, it should say something about the scenario that provides a framework for battles.

    We're 25 years into the future. There are some years that the people have had enough of seeing governments spend crazy sums in the war. Private armies are therefore set up to handle tasks that were once the governments (humanitarian, security, defense ...). But far from this public image, private armies seeking to assert their domination over natural resources, to secure contracts and to take the upper hand over their competitors. And the player in all this? Well he must first choose your side! Three services are available: Raven, Sver and Valor. Each course has its unique design, its powers and its own weapons of choice. Each player will gain experience throughout the game experience that will allow you to customize your character and grow within the military hierarchy.

    And this is where one of the features of MAG. Indeed, as you can imagine the battles that come in 256 people, a minimum of coordination is needed among all members of the same team. Thus, each player will be part of a squad of 8 soldiers. At the head of this small group, an experienced player will have access to a special interface for issuing orders to his subordinates (destroy this goal, fold up, go there ...). On a larger scale, our squad is part of a section that brings together 4. Finally, 2 sections form an army. To push the players to follow instructions from their superior, it should be noted that the advantage given by an army well organized another individualistic composed of soldiers, the developers have included a system that makes sure that every soldier wins more experience if he follows the orders of his superiors. In short, the play is frankly mercenary solitary step in MAG and is good for the spirit of the group.

    Another interesting feature of the game is that the parts you do have an influence on the power of your faction. Indeed, it is a sort of persistent world which you are entitled. Imagine for example that you were among the Sver and you chain victories. Well this success will bring to your faction and make it more powerful! This was designed for the player really gets involved in fighting for his faction and not only for his own character. This gives the impression of being engaged in a conflict much bigger than simply battle in which one participates. In terms of battles elsewhere, MAG does not understand that fighting at 256. Of game modes and maps specific to fighting smaller scale to 64 or 128 players have also been devised. Thus, in addition to the traditional Team Deathmatch mode, you can rub in Sabotage mode to 64 players in which one team attempts to control 2 points for a time while the other team will try to obtain them to explode. For followers of the parties to 128 players, the "Acquisition" is indicated. In the latter, a team attempts to steal the weapons from each other and to drive in a quarry area. But anyway, either 64, 128 or 256 players, MAG appears to have great potential. Is simply to verify when it was released that the lag does not feel too at the party to 256 because it is not every day that so many players is brought together in a multiplayer FPS console.

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    Re: MAG: Massive Action Game GC Preview

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 13 Silver Trophies, 4 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum

    • A Whole Lotta Hurt (Silver) -Earn 5 Combat Machine Gun Ribbons and 5 Combat Fragger Ribbons
    • Angel of Mercy (Bronze)- 25 enemies killed in their incapacitated state over a career.
    • Baby Need a Bandage? (Silver) - Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons and 5 Golden Cross Ribbons.
    • Boom Town (Bronze) - Earn the Mortar Demolition, Total Blackout and AAA Demolition Ribbons.
    • Chest Candy (Silver) - Awarded when a player has earned one of every ribbon.
    • Close Call (Bronze) - Earn 3 Bomb Squad Ribbons.
    • Clown Car (Bronze) - Awarded when a player destroys an APC or a Bunker, killing 2 players.
    • Commandant in Chief (Gold) - Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Raven character.
    • Commandon't (Bronze) - Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Commando.
    • Coughing Killer (Bronze) - Killed an enemy while affected by poison gas grenades
    • Devil Dog (Silver) - Earn 5 Combat Assault Ribbons and 5 Combat Sidearm Ribbons
    • Double Trouble (Silver) - Earn the Golden Cross Medal and the Grim Reaper Medal.
    • Dropping Like Flies (Bronze) - Destroy 5 enemy helicopters.
    • Duteous Maximus (Bronze) Be on the winning faction for 10 Directive matches.
    • Eager Beaver (Gold) - Awarded when a player has earned one of each medal.
    • Efficiency Engineer (Bronze) - Earn 3 Bunker Buster Ribbons.
    • Hammer of the Gods (Silver) - Called in 50 cluster bombs or mortar barrages.
    • Headhunter (Silver) - Earn 5 Silver Bullet Ribbons, the Longshot Ribbon and the Sniper Master Specialist Medal.
    • I Drink Your Milkshake (Bronze) - Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain speciality: Field Support.
    • I Got 5 On It (Bronze) - Kill 5 enemies with a single Strategic Strike, excluding Poison Gas Barrage.
    • In Your Face (Bronze) - Earn 5 Combat Melee Ribbons.
    • Jack of One Trade (Bronze) - Awarded when a player reaches the bottom tier of a skill tree.
    • Junkyard Jockey (Bronze) - Earn 3 Mr. Badwrench Ribbons.
    • Lil Buddy (Bronze) - Earn 2 Purple Sidekick Ribbons.
    • Massive Action Gamer (Platinum) - Won All Trophies
    • Mea Culpa (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies with a turret over a career.
    • Out of Scope (Bronze) - Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Sniper.
    • Precious Cargo (Silver) - Destroy 20 Escort Vehicles over a career.
    • Prima Noyan (Gold) - Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a S.V.E.R. character.
    • Screeching Halt (Bronze) - Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Rapid Assault.
    • Sergeant Major (Gold) - Awarded when a player reaches level 60 with a Valor character.
    • Silent but Deadly (Silver) - Awarded when a player kills 25 enemies with Poison Gas over a career.
    • Steamroller (Silver) - Have a 3-to-1 Kill-to-Death Ratio in any match
    • Take Me to Your Leader (Silver) - Earn 1 win as a squad leader.
    • Targer Practice (Bronze) - Awarded when a player shoots down 25 paratroopers over a career.
    • The Harder They Fall (Bronze) - Awarded when a player kills 50 of a certain specialty: Direct Action.
    • The Streaker (Silver) - Earn the Streaker medal.
    • Triple Threat (Silver) - Earn 5 Silver Cross Ribbons, 5 Master Engineer Ribbons and the Grim Reaper Medal.

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