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Thread: Gran Turismo 5 GC Preview

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    Gran Turismo 5 GC Preview

    Presented for the first time at the gamescom, Gran Turismo 5 gently preparing his arrival on the market. The rumors point to an exit by the end of the year appear to have merit in light of the progress of the small demo that we could try.

    Indeed difficult to say everything I know about the first genuine Gran Turismo on PS3 after this short essay, limited to three minutes of driving on one of the most famous of the series: Highway 246 in Tokyo. The opportunity for us to test the reactions of playable only model, the latest Subaru Impreza WRX Sti, all comfortably installed in a bucket seat and the front LCD screen that goes well with. A configuration that allowed us to assess the plastic game, impressive, in line with the performance of extraterrestrial Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Technically, it seems quite unlikely to see another set of races steal the limelight from the beautiful game of its kind, all media combined, by December, and even a little later.

    Gran Turismo 5, the state appears ready to land on PS3, after having been settled and balanced damage modeling and behavior of AI. Indeed, the game seems fully developed, based both on extensive experience gained by Polyphony since the inception of the franchise is more than ten years and especially on the Prologue version of last year. Remains to solve some problems, which, hopefully, were related to the proposed version. It is believed first to AI whose behavior stop tank should be rapidly improved, so as not to be released from the track with cars that appear to be twice their weight and who have make our presence. Then it will wait a little longer before they can see the efforts granted in terms of deformed bodies. While it was possible to visually confirm that there will be a model of damage in Gran Turismo 5, we had to settle for a simple front bumper or rear half detached after a clash over 200 km / h. There is little doubt that this will have many other proportions in the final game, simulation requires.

    Who said that simulation also seen inside the other demon dragged by the series since 1998. Well it will be quite the appointment, as it was in Prologue, perfectly playable, based on functional mirrors. What gain a new level of immersion and eliminate a flaw further. Driving level, Gran Turismo launched also seems on track, those of a slow progression but extremely effective. Our benchmarks are still happily driving despite a less rigid and is more demanding. For example, it is always possible to rely on a rail to negotiate a curve slow, such behavior will slow more than the car. In general, we can therefore say that the ambitions are indeed there and that there are developers Polyphony with details to be resolved to offer a pleasant pad or steering wheel .

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    Re: Gran Turismo 5 GC Preview

    Lastly, it was confirmed that the game will characteristic head tracking technology to notice movement of the head through PlayStation Eye, and this technology is combined through 3D game for the first time, the opening of "great potential". The presentation left us very impressed, combined with what we have shown, by the ambition of polyphony in relation to the level of detail of the cars and circuits. Gran Turismo 5 will finally arrive, unless a disaster or a new outbreak of perfectionism, in November this year. It seems that the wait will be worthwhile.

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