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Thread: Fable 2 the spire

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    Fable 2 the spire

    I am playing Fable 2. It is really nice game. I am enjoying every bit of it. But i am stuck at the Spire. Can someone help me to get through this?

    Thank you for all replies.

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    Re: Fable 2 the spire

    The game begins in the city of Bowerstone, where a young child known as Sparrow and his or her older sister, Rose, dream about living in Castle Fairfax, the home of Lord Lucien. Check out the Fable II cheat, walkthrough and tips.

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    Re: Fable 2 the spire

    The Hero of Bowerstone destined to bring together the Heroes of Strength, Will and Skill to stop Lucien from using the Spire. Lord Lucien - the villain is search the spire to control the Spire is believed by some to be motivated by the desire to resurrect his family. At the end he is killed by either Reaver or the Hero before he can activate the Spire.

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    Re: Fable 2 the spire

    Save the spire and disobey him. Go against him. The you will get tons of EXP just doing nothing. If you want to be evil then obey him and be the slave. YOu will not loose anything if you disobey. You will get all of XP back in the end.

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